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126 Pulse1999ehsl_pahsc
127 Bringing HELP to the Clinical Laboratory - Use of an Expert System to Provide Automatic Interpretation of Laboratory Data1987ir_uspaceText
128 Re-visiting the performance impact of microarchitectural floorplanning2006ir_uspaceText
129 Integrated Computer Systems for Monitoring of the Critically Ill1977ir_uspaceText
130 Efficient instruction level simulation of computers1987ir_uspaceText
131 Hybrid Agent-Based Modeling of Healthcare Surveillance Networks2013-08ir_etdText
132 Y2K: Need for Health Care Professionals to be Responsible and Prepared1999ir_uspaceText
133 Graphics applications for grid computing2003-03ir_uspaceText
134 Reproducible research and electronic notebooks2016ir_uspaceText
135 Pulse2004ehsl_pahsc
136 Pulse1993ehsl_pahsc
137 Pulse1995ehsl_pahsc
138 Computer Technology and Its Application to Cardiovascular Nursing1987ir_uspaceText
139 Use of data to inform practice in elementary school classrooms2015-12ir_etdText
140 The importance of unknows in Epidemiologic studies1985ir_uspaceText
141 Assessing the Effectiveness of a Computerized Pharmacy System1990ir_uspaceText
142 Computers in the ICU and Surgery-Keeping Real-Time Records for Decision-Making1990ir_uspaceText
143 The HELP Clinical Decision-Support System1994ir_uspaceText
144 Medical Information Bus: The Key to Future Integrated Monitoring (Editorial)1989ir_uspaceText
145 Challenges and Opportunities for Computerizing the Anesthesia Record1994ir_uspaceText
146 Introduction to Computers in Monitoring1995ir_uspaceText
147 Fred: an architecture for a self-timed decoupled computer1996ir_uspaceText
148 Fred: an architecture for a self-timed decoupled computer1995ir_uspaceText
149 Exploiting eager register release in a redundantly multi-threaded processor2006ir_uspaceText
150 Minutes for the Utah State Board of Regents, September 22-23, 19771977-09-22ir_borText
126 - 150 of 656