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126 Greeting cards sent to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards, 1960s-1980sText
127 Illness logs for the Richards family, 1935-19381935; 1936; 1937; 1938; 1939Text
128 Inauguration of George H. Emert, Thirteenth President, Utah State University, November 16, 19921992-11-16Text
129 Incomplete draft of a letter by Lorenzo A. Richards addressed "Dear Tim"Text
130 Information for Appointee1958Text
131 Instrument drawings by Lorenzo A. Richards, 1950-1970sText
132 Invitation from Peter Joseph "Joe" Lacey to an event at the USU Alumni House on Founders Day, March 19931993Text
133 Invitation from President and Mrs. Glen L. Taggart to a Christmas reception on 5 December 19781978-11-27Text
134 Invitation from the Utah State University Old Main Society to its annual dinner on 13 April 1979, sent to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards1979Text
135 Invitation to USU Symphony Ball held on 10 April 19931993Text
136 Invitations for James H. Linford to various events, 1889 to 1893Text
137 Invitations to various events, sent to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards, 1968-1980Text
138 Job description for Lorenzo A. Richards, dated 4 November 19551955-11-04Text
139 Job description for Lorenzo A. Richards, Soil Scientist (Physics), GS-14 (undated)Text
140 Leave Summary dated 2 February 1955 for Lorenzo A. Richards regarding hours accrued1955-02-02Text
141 Leave Summary dated 23 January 1951 for Lorenzo A. Richards1951-01-23Text
142 Leave Summary dated 29 January 1954 for Lorenzo A. Richards1954-01-29Text
143 Leave Summary dated 29 June 1957 for Lorenzo A. Richards1957-06-29Text
144 Letter (draft, December 1981) from Lorenzo A. Richards to Sir John Philip1981-12Text
145 Letter (undated but 1950) from Zilla Linford Richards to Mary Hooper Blood Linford1952-09Text
146 Letter (undated but 1981) from Bill Donnan to Lorenzo A. Richards1981Text
147 Letter (undated but from 1935-1938) from Zilla Linford Richards at the New Hotel Secor in Toledo, OhioText
148 Letter (undated but postmarked 11 July 1950) from Zilla Linford Richards to Mary Hooper Blood Linford1950-07Text
149 Letter (undated but probably June 1967) from "Bob" to "Mother & Dad"1967-06Text
150 Letter (undated) from Alan J. Bollman to Lorenzo A. RichardsText
126 - 150 of 1,111