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126 Reva with other guests at a dinner given by Westminster College for her, March 10, 1977.1977-03-10Image
127 Ruth ThompsonImage
128 September 12, 1966. Mrs. Mulligan, prominent club woman of New York state, Mr. Carter, artist, Mrs. Pearce, Reva Beck Bosone, the speaker of the day, Mrs. Hasebroock, past President of Federation, Mrs. Lawrence O. Keipillas, President of Sorosis Club founder of Federation.Image
129 Shasta Dam Dedication.1951-08-01Image
130 There is hope for the alcoholic: the evolution & rehabilitation of an alcoholic.Image
131 Ute IndiansImage
132 Ute IndiansImage
133 Ute IndiansImage
134 Ute IndiansImage
135 Ute IndiansImage
136 Ute IndiansImage
137 Ute IndiansImage
138 Ute IndiansImage
139 Ute IndiansImage
140 Ute IndiansImage
141 Ute IndiansImage
142 Ute IndiansImage
143 Ute women waiting for their partners whom they selected to dance with in the annual Ute Bear dance. Unlike the American custom, the Ute women do the selecting.Image
144 Washington D.C., April 1958. Democratic Women from UtahImage
145 The wedding at the Garden Park Ward House.1948Image
146 Wilbur Cuch, France McKinley and Rudolph Nephi working on land status maps for the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation, Ft. Duschene, Utah.Image
126 - 150 of 146