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126 People of the Middle Place: a study of the Zuni Indians [Excerpt]1971Text
127 Origin Myth of Zuni1923Text
128 Cultural Resources Survey of the Zuni River from Eustace Reservoir to Bosson Wash, Zuni Indian Reservation, McKinley County, New Mexico [Excerpt] Sacred Areas and Sites1980-03Text
129 Zuni Indians: extract from the twenty-third annual report of the Bureau of American Ethnology [Excerpt]1905Text
130 Creation of the Zunis1914-07Text
131 Ethnic impact of the events incident to federal power development on the Colville and Spokane Indian Reservations1977Text
132 Pathfinder in the Southwest: the itinerary of Lieutenant A. W. Whipple during his explorations for a railwy route from Fort Smith to Los Angeles in the years 1853 & 1854 [Excerpt]1968Text
133 Note from E. Richard Hart Papers ZHWX116Text
134 Road to California: the search for a southern overland route, 1540-1848 [Excerpt]1978Text
135 Taos trappers: the fur trade in the Far Southwest, 1540-1846 [excerpt]1971Text
136 Plight of the Pueblos1923-12-26Text
137 Citizens for a Responsible Central Utah Project, correspondence, 1979-1980Text
138 Draft Central Utah Project notes by Dorothy Harvey, 1978-19791978; 1979Text
139 Dorothy Harvey correspondence, 1975-19771975; 1976; 1977; 1978Text
140 Outlines of Zuni creation myths1896Text
141 In the United States Court of Claims, the Zuni Indians of New Mexico, Plaintiffs, vs. the United States of America, Defendant: the deposition of Fred Bowannie, Sr., taken by plaintiffs February 26, 1980 [Excerpt]1980-02-26; 1980-02-24Text
142 Report Prepared for The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation2002-07Text
143 Colville Indian claims for Wells Dam compensation2002Text
144 Annual charges for the use of Colville tribal land by the Wells Hydroelectric Project, 1967-20122003-01-15Text
145 Nathaniel Nasheboo, Zuni, New Mexico: an Interview [Excerpt]1973-06-04Text
146 Zuni ancestral gods and masks1898-02Text
147 Municipal and Industrial System, Bonneville Unit, Central Utah Project, Utah: correspondence and documents, 19791979; 1980; 1985Text
148 Agendas for meetings of Citizens for a Responsible Central Utah Project1977; 1978; 1980Text
149 Navaho expedition: journal of a military reconnaissance from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the Navaho country made in 1849 [Excerpt]1964Text
150 Red Man's Burden1924-01-16Text
126 - 150 of 249