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126 Envelopes for letters from Susan B. Tallmon to Mrs. Lynds Jones, January and March 19091909-01; 1909-03uum_sbtsText
127 Exercises at dedication of Isolation Warduum_sbtsText
128 Exercises at the Elizabeth Memorial Buildinguum_sbtsText
129 Exercises at the dedication of the Phoebe Ann Frisbie Warduum_sbtsText
130 Expenses and accounts from Lintsing mission, 19211921uum_sbtsText
131 Extract from letter of Miss Edith C. Tallmon, dated Nov. 25, 19201920-11-25uum_sbtsText
132 Extracts from letter by Edith C. Tallmon, Lintsing, Shantung China, dated May 29, 19211921-05-29uum_sbtsText
133 Extracts from letters of Edith C. Tallmon, Lintsing, China, dated December 25, 1920 to January 11, 19211920-12-25; 1921-01-11uum_sbtsText
134 Extracts from recent Lintsing station letter1916uum_sbtsText
135 Extracts from recent Lintsing station letteruum_sbtsText
136 Program of the fourteenth annual convention of the Young Women's Christian Associations of Iowa; Fifth annual conference of the Iowa State Association-Christian Endeavor, held at Congregational Church, Grinnell, October 14, 15, and 16, 18901897-11uum_sbtsText
137 Fireside pictures (photograph album)uum_sbtsText
138 First annual letter, Class of 1898, Iowa College1899uum_sbtsText
139 Five letters dated 1935 from missionaries in China: "G.W.E.H.", Emma Boose Tucker, and Mabel I. Huggins1935uum_sbtsText
140 Flowers [handmade booklet with list of flower recipients]1890; 1891; 1892; 1893; 1894; 1895; 1896; 1897; 1898; 1899; 1900uum_sbtsText
141 Four letters from 1928 by Emma Boose Tucker, Alma L. Cooke, and Doris Burton, with a report on 'the Lintsing memorial hospital during war and famine"1928uum_sbtsText
142 Four letters from February 1907 from Susan Tallmon to friends and family1907-02; 1907-02-10; 1907-02-12; 1907-02-20uum_sbtsText
143 Four letters from missionaries in China, 1931: Grace M. Breck, Christina Outerbridge, and Dean R. Wickes1931uum_sbtsText
144 From a far country: a souvenir of Dr. Livingstoneuum_sbtsText
145 From beyond the moongateuum_sbtsText
146 From the North-China Daily News: articles from 24 March 19361936-03-24; 1936-03-20; 1936-03-17; 1936-02-19uum_sbtsText
147 Girls' Boarding School report, Lintsing, Shantung, China, Sep. 1919-Jan. 19201920-01uum_sbtsText
148 Girls' School report, Lintsing, Shantung, China, Feb. 18-June 19, 19191919-06-19uum_sbtsText
149 Girls' School report, Lintsing, Shantung, China, Sep. 19-March 29, 19181918-03-29uum_sbtsText
150 Glessner, Morse & Geary Company envelope for photographsuum_sbtsText
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