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126 In Quest of Influenza GermLogan Republican1919-10-18
127 Delta under QuarantineMillard County Chronicle1920-01-29
128 Physicians Cry down Wearing of MasksSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-30
129 Has Deadly Influenza Germ Been ConqueredSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-26
130 Influenza Its CauseSalt Lake Herald-Republican1920-01-26
131 It Looks like Influenza Must Wear Itself OutEureka Reporter1920-04-02
132 Fighting the Influenza in EnglandWasatch Wave1919-04-11
133 Spanish Influenza PandemicOgden Daily Standard1918-11-14
134 Spanish Influenza in United StatesOgden Daily Standard1918-09-14
135 Epidemic of Influenza Threatens Whole WorldSalt Lake Telegram1918-07-13
136 Doctor Dies of InfluenzaSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-11
137 How to Avoid InfluenzaSalt Lake Herald-Republican1920-01-28
138 Chiropractic for Acute CasesSalt Lake Telegram1919-04-22
139 Influenza---Its CauseSalt Lake Herald-Republican1920-01-25
140 Food for Influenza Victims PrescribedSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-27
141 Influenza Mask Order Held in AbeyanceSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-26
142 Babies Cry Vainly for MotherSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-26
143 Sunshine Wins Great Victory over InfluenzaSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-20
144 Local "Flu" SituationPark Record1919-01-31
145 Flu Comes AgainParowan Times1920-05-12
146 Flu at BuckhornParowan Times1920-04-28
147 NeolaRoosevelt Standard1918-11-06
148 No Flu in SummitParowan Times1919-01-22
149 Flu in CountyParowan Times1920-01-28
150 Flu at CedarParowan Times1920-01-28
126 - 150 of 1,172