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126 Burner System Development for a Gas-Fired Absorption Heat Pump1985uu_afrcText
127 Effect of Fuel Structure on Oxygenated Aromatic Species in a Premixed Flat Flame1985uu_afrcText
128 The Development of a Relationship Between Percentage of Oxygen Enrichment of Primary Air, Flue Gas Tempertaure And Fuel (Sasol Gas) Savings1985uu_afrcText
129 Modeling of Chemical Kinetics in Pulse Combustors1985uu_afrcText
130 Sulfur and Nitrogen Devolatilization From Pulverized Coal in an Opposed-Flow Diffusion Flame1985uu_afrcText
131 Basic Research on Pulse Combustion Phenomena With Applied Objectives1985uu_afrcText
132 Oxygen Enriched Combustion System Utilizing Membrane1985uu_afrcText
133 The Structure of Large Flames1985uu_afrcText
134 Utilization of a Numerical Model for the Design of a Gas Immersion Tube1986uu_afrcText
135 Reminiscences of Furnaces and Heat Transfer, and Comments on Oxygen-Enriched Emissivites of Flame Gases1986uu_afrcText
136 Combustion Control1986uu_afrcText
137 Technologies to Increase the Efficient Use of Energy in the Process Industries1986uu_afrcText
138 Burner Atomizer Requirements for Combustion of Waste Fuels1986uu_afrcText
139 Technologies for Low Cost Combustion Control1986uu_afrcText
140 Recent Developments in Physical Flow Modeling of Utility Scale Furnaces1986uu_afrcText
141 Application Studies of Advanced Combustion Systems1986uu_afrcText
142 Combustion System Requirements for Advanced Technologies1986uu_afrcText
143 Combustion System Requirements For Advanced Gas-Fired Processes1986uu_afrcText
144 Applications of Pulse Combustion in Industry1986uu_afrcText
145 Heat Transfer Enhancement by Pulse Combustion in Industrial Processes1986uu_afrcText
146 Combustion With Oxygen Enriched Air1986uu_afrcText
147 The "Comburimetre" and its Use in Combustion Control1986uu_afrcText
148 Improved Combustion Thermal Efficiency With Compact Recuperator Design1986uu_afrcText
149 Burning Issues for Industries Using Natural Gas1986uu_afrcText
150 Industrial Applications of the Pyrocore Burner1986uu_afrcText
126 - 150 of 994