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126 Supranuclear Paralysis of UpgazeThis 84 year old woman carried the following diagnoses: 1. Extrapyramidal movement disorder; Parkinson's disease vs. Progressive supranuclear palsy 2. Hypertension 3. Recurrent left Bell's palsy In 1992, the patient and her family noted that she was drifting to the right when driving. She progress...Image/MovingImage
127 Bilateral Sixth Nerve PalsyThis patient is a 62 year old woman with a six month history of double vision and difficulty walking. In August 1996, she first noted her right upper eyelid twitching followed by dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Soon after her voice became "shaky" and she experienced mild difficulty walking. She...Image/MovingImage
128 Congenital NystagmusThis 11 year old Italian boy was referred for evaluation of nystagmus. Emanuel is the second son in a family of two and his older brother, age 13, had no visual problem. Emanuel was born at term, normal delivery, birth weight 9 pounds. Neonatal and infant development was perfectly normal. A pedia...Image/MovingImage
129 Slow Saccade SyndromeIn 1992, this 60 year old woman realized that she was "slowing up", dragging her right foot and walking slowly, and her speech became slurred. She saw a number of physicians and was given the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and started on Sinemet 50/200 t.i.d. In January 1994, she was seen by a n...Image/MovingImage
130 Benign Essential BlepharospasmThe patient is a 60 year old estate manager with a history of retinal laser therapy, dry eyes and age related bilateral ptosis. He carries a diagnosis of hilar lymphadenopathy due to sarcoid and has had cancer of the kidney. He presented in 1995 with a 6 month history of frequent blinking and sp...Image/MovingImage
131 Palatal TremorThe patient is a 44 year old left handed man with a history of IV drug abuse (heroin and cocaine) alcoholism, hypertension, and rheumatic fever. In March 1990, at 3 a.m. on the day of admission, he had acute onset of dizziness, slurred speech, left sided weakness and difficulty walking. He was ...Image/MovingImage
132 Benign Neonatal Ocular FlutterShortly after birth, this baby was noted to have "jiggling eyes" by his mother. He was in good general health and neurologically intact. Cogan and I saw the baby and Cogan made the diagnosis of neonatal ocular flutter. In 1954 Cogan first used the term "ocular flutter" to describe a rare disorder o...Image/MovingImage
133 Bilateral Ptosis Facial DiplegiaThe patient is a 47 year old attorney who was transferred from an outside hospital to the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for treatmebnt of the Miller Fisher variant of the Guillian Barré syndrome (GBS). On the morning of September 14, 1993, the patient awoke feeling dizzy and he was unsteady ...Image/MovingImage
134 Progressive External OphthalmoplegiaIn 1995 I published this case alongside eleven personal cases, three with the Kearns-Sayer Syndrome (KSS) and five with Progressive External Opthalmoplegia (PEO). Am J of Neuroradiol:16 (5);1167-1173. This patient with KSS is still alive in 2009. In 1968, at the age of 15 he presented with a hi...Image/MovingImage
135 PalinopsiaThe patient is a healthy 59 year old woman who presented in 1978 with transiet visual symptoms. The first visual disturbance occurred in December 1978 when suddenly she noted: • Fluttering of vision in the left eye (OS) • The appearance of a central black spot • Around the edge of the blac...Image/MovingImage
136 Dressing ApraxiaThe patient is a 72 year old right handed woman who presented in November 1995 with the sudden onset of impaired coordination of visual and motor skills following an inner right ear infection. One of her problems was difficulty sitting on a chair as she tended to place her body incorrectly. By lat...Image/MovingImage
137 Migraine Visual AuraThe patient is a 73 year old retired teacher who was referred in 1993 for a second opinion regarding treatment of episodic visual hallucinations. As a school boy in junior school, he began to experience transient episodes of a spot appearing in the right lower homonymous quadrant of his field of vi...Image/MovingImage
138 Congenital Nystagmus: Blurred visionThis 34 year old physician has had a life long problem with congenital nystagmus. He was an orphan and his adopted parents took him to see a pediatrician when he was very small. A missed diagnosis of a "lazy eye" was made. Subsequently, at the age of 9, when he complained of intermittent blurred ...Image/MovingImage
139 Congenital Nystagmus: Eyes jump aroundThis 14 year old boy was born one month premature weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces. The top of his head failed to close until age 6. In addition he had only half a clavicle and stunted growth. Diagnosis: Cleidocranial dysostosis. He was referred by his endocrinologist for evaluation of difficulty ...Image/MovingImage
140 Congenital Nystagmus: Oscillations of the Eyes-2This child was noted to have oscillations of the eyes in infancy and was given a diagnosis of congenital nystagmus.Image/MovingImage
141 Third Nerve PalsyThis patient is a 58 year old woman from Peru who, in 1975, developed intermittent headaches and right retro-orbital eye pain. She was seen by several ophthalmologists in South America who were unable to make a diagnosis. In March 1977 she awoke one morning with vertical diplopia most marked on...Image/MovingImage
142 Third Nerve Palsy; Aberrant ReinnervationThe patient is a 48 year old man from Saudi Arabia who came to the Massachusetts General Hospital for a second opinion and hopefully for surgical correction of ptosis of the left eye (OS). He had a long standing left third nerve palsy due to compression of the nerve trunk by a cavernous sinus mening...Image/MovingImage
143 Bilateral Sixth Nerve PalsyThe patient is a 70 year old Italian man with atrial fibrillation on long-term coumadin therapy. In October 1995, he developed generalized headache, horizontal double vision and his left eye deviated inwards (esotropia). A diagnosis of left sixth nerve palsy was made and attributed to microvascular ...Image/MovingImage
144 Ocular FlutterThis little boy complained of difficulty focusing. On examination he was found to have ocular flutter. He was otherwise neurologically intact and in good general health. Investigations were directed to rule out 1. Neuroblastoma (see ID 936-8) 2. Enterovirus infection 3. Parainfect...Image/MovingImage
145 Pendular Vertical OscillationsIn October 1988 this 43 year old Spanish speaking man with a history of hypertension, suddenly became weak and collapsed on the floor. He was taken to an outside hospital where his blood pressure was 220/130. He was lethargic and diaphoretic and had slurred speech and a left facial palsy. A CT s...Image/MovingImage
146 Pendular Vertical OscillationsThis 36 year old woman had a nine year history of multiple sclerosis (MS) with onset in 1980. In 1989 she was seen in the neurovisual clinic for evaluation of oscillopsia, (an illusion of movement of the visual world). This symptom was accompanied by difficulty in reading because the print was "ju...Image/MovingImage
147 Pendular Vertical OscillationsThis 60 year old patient presented in 1979 for evaluation of blurred vision watching television and a sense of unsteadiness when walking down stairs. Past History: Hypertension for years A "small stroke" 3 months prior to this evaluation, presenting acutely with dizziness and vertical double vision....Image/MovingImage
148 Downbeat NystagmusThe patient is a 72 year old man who was found down and admitted as an emergency in coma. Neurological examination: Patient in coma failed to respond to painful stimuli. Downbeat nystagmus Lid nystagmus Pupils 2 mm OU responsive to light Corneal reflexes absent Oculocephalic reflex absent No resp...Image/MovingImage
149 Bilateral PtosisPatient is a 65 year old woman who presented with acute onset of bilateral ptosis. She awoke one day and found her eyelids half shut and she was unable to see. The lids completely shut and she came to the Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Room and was admitted. Past History: Negative for pt...Image/MovingImage
150 Nuclear Third Nerve PalsyThe following case is the first patient I saw with a nuclear third nerve palsy. The patient is a 52 year old man with hypertension and hyperlipidemia. He awoke one morning unable to open his eyes. To walk he tilted his head backwards and looked down. He came to the emergency room of the Massach...Image/MovingImage
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