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126 Jackson, Joshua LloydThe effects of novel orthographic input and phonetic instruction in second language phonological acquisitionResearch has demonstrated that exposure to orthographic input can heavily influence a person's phonological representation of a word, with the potential to even be more influential than auditory input when both are available. Previous research has investigated the helpfulness of different types of o...Acquisition; Instruction; L2 Phonology; Orthographic input; Orthography; Phonological Acquisition2016
127 Betlemidze, MariamFemen and assemblage politics of protest in the age of social mediaTransgressing norms and barriers of mundane digital spaces to seize spotlight in the name of social change is breathtaking. Such are modern-day protest groups as they utilize a special mix of skills, tactics, and resourcefulness to become forces of disruptive tensions in the spectacular seas of imag...activism; Deleuze; Derrida; Femen; Latour; multimedia2016
128 Bereit, Richard MartinReading's effect - a novel perspectiveThe effect that fiction has on readers has been continuously debated since at least the fourth century B.C.E. In this dissertation, I first analyze historic arguments of philosophers and critics who have participated significantly in the debate. I organize their critical judgments about reading's ef...Education; Formation; Influence; Novel; Reading; writers2016
129 Barnewitz, Molly ClareThe animal as queer act in comics: queer iterations in On Loving Women and NimonaThis thesis examines comics' use of animal and otherwise non-normative bodies to portray queer identities and examine how the portrayal of the queer and monstrous can be seen as a reflection of the medium itself. Comics is a hybrid medium in which words and images coexist, favoring neither and flout...Animal; Comics; Graphic Narrative; Hybrid; Queer2016
130 Bylenok, LauraWarpThe poems in this collection are situated in the multiple definitions of the verb "warp," which in contemporary usage most often means "to distort," but is also used to describe what happens to space and space-time in the theory of relativity. In addition, the OED entry for the word includes multipl...Creative writing; Etymology; Language; Literature; Poetry2016
131 Dykstra, Tiffany AnnRefugee resettlement rhetoric: investigating organizational practices of empowermentWith ongoing global conflicts raging and new struggles erupting every year, humanitarian organizations and resettlement agencies must continue to generate new insight into the refugee resettlement process and empowerment programs. Refugee resettlement in the United States is organized around a well-...New media; Nonprofit; Organizational communication; (Post/neo)colonialism; Refugee studies; Rhetoric2016
132 Miller, Autumn LeighInfluencing the agenda: exploring the online classroom as a third space for amplifying responsible environmental citizenryOnline learning communities (OLC) have the potential to become powerful amplification stations for promoting responsible environmental citizenry. This dissertation explores how interactions in an online classroom (e.g., with course content, instructor, peers, and interface) might encourage students ...environmental education; instructional design; Marketing; mixed methods; online learning; Public Relations2016
133 Harward, Jennifer SueUtah's war on poverty: local programs of and reactions to the economic opportunity actIn August of 1964, Congress responded to President Lyndon B. Johnson's declaration of War on Poverty, passing the Economic Opportunity Act (EOA). Three months later, Johnson secured a landslide victory for a second term, and for the last time in the twentieth century, the Utahns gave their electoral...community action; federalism; Head Start; Job Corps; poverty; Utah2016-05
134 Bayles, Andrew JohnHigh-vowel lenition in the French of Quebec and ParisHigh-vowel lenition is attested in various forms in a number of languages, including Shoshoni, Lezgian, East Cree, Andean Spanish, and Japanese, along with many others. It is also attested in the development of the various Romance languages from Proto-Romance. High-vowel deletion and devoicing are b...deletion; devoicing; French; lenition; Quebec; vowel2016
135 Hayes, AndrewIntegrated versus decontextualized approaches to vocabulary instruction in a second language writing courseWhile vocabulary is generally understood to be an obvious part of language learning and instruction, the actual "nuts and bolts" of vocabulary instruction are not fully understood. Though there has been a renewal of interest in research into vocabulary in recent years, in terms of both theoretical m...Academic Vocabulary; Applied Linguistics; Course Design; ESL; Second-Language Writing; Vocabulary2016
136 Rogers, Brian RobertPerceptions and enacted identities within the hiv prevention counseling contextWith the present study, I aim to address three major areas that, to date, have been infrequently studied on their own terms, and not at all in conjunction with one another: (1) health and identity, (2) health counseling as a topic of health communication, and (3) the counselor's subjectivity within ...AIDS; Counseling; HIV; Identity; Prevention; Sexual Health2016-05
137 Pedersen, LouiseBreaking the ""armored ceiling"": women in combat positions and the ontology of genderHistorically, women have legally been excluded from participating in direct combat, but in December 2015 the Department of Defense made the groundbreaking decision to open all combat-related positions across the military to women. In this thesis I aim to show that from a feminist and egalitarian poi...combat; gender; masculinity; military; ontology; women2016
138 Marshall, Richard StephenThe new Mormon historyProfessor Klaus J. Hansen has observed that "Mormonism in 1974 differs fundamentally from the Mormonism of 1890 even though no theoretical change in doctrine may have occurred."1 This fundamental difference is obvious to any person who has studied the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-...Mormonism; Mormon history; Religion; LDS church1977-05
139 Cozen, BrianMediating energy: rhetoric and the future of energy resourcesDiscourse regarding the societal role of "energy" and the "energetic" has implications for environmental politics and the future of energy resources. This dissertation offers rhetorical analyses of three media case studies on energy resource futures. I argue that such energy resource texts constitut...Communication; Ecomodernism; Energy; Mobility; Rhetoric; United Nations2015
140 Matsumoto, KatherineRecent language change in shoshone: structural consequences of language lossThis dissertation provides a detailed case study of language endangerment-induced language change in the Shoshone community of Duck Valley, a Shoshone and Paiute reservation where the native languages have lost ground to English significantly over the past decades. The analysis incorporates factors ...Language Death; Language Loss; Shoshone2015-12
141 Ahmed, Hossam eldin IbrahimVerbal complementizers in arabicA class of Modern Standard Arabic complementizers known as ‘ʔinna and its sisters' demonstrate unique case and word order restrictions. While CPs in Arabic allow both Subject‐Verb (SV) and Verb‐Subject (VS) word order and their subjects show nominative morphology, CPs introduced by ʔinna ban...Arabic Complementizers; Case Theory; Complementizers; Feature Inheritance; Minimalist Syntax; Verbal Complementizers2015-12
142 Mathis, Sara M.Si se puede! (yes we can!): a critical ethnography of students' identities in an urban debate leaguePolicy debate is an educational practice that researchers have verified teaches students an important skill set that is highly valued in today's workforce and communities. The problem is that this interscholastic activity has traditionally excluded students from underrepresented populations and tho...debate; ethnography; identity2015-12
143 O'brien, Erik YdeCollege radio: managing the creative through software and policy, a case studyThis thesis addresses a gap in technological and managerial literature. Using Actor-Network Theory, Social Construction, and the Componential Theory of Creativity, I show how software is used to manage and construct creative workers. This case study looks specifically at college radio disc jockeys (...Creative; Policy; Radio; Software; Work2015
144 Sample, Susan JaneNecrography: a new corpus of death telling from the physician's perspectivePhysicians are routinely exposed to dying patients and death, although some encounters are emotionally and existentially problematic, creating problems on two levels. Individuals are taught through medicine's hidden curriculum to detach from patients at the end-of-life, which can conflict with their...End-of-life; Material rhetoric; Moral Distress; Narrative; Physicians' personal discourse; Rhetorical genre theory2015-12
145 Hiller, Kristin ElisabethInternational undergraduates and discourses of internationalization: exploring conceptualizations and experiences of the internationalization of higher education and representations of international undergraduates at a u.s. universityInternational undergraduate students comprise a recently growing population in U.S. higher education institutions that has been relatively underrepresented in research on the internationalization of higher education (IHE). The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences of individual intern...critical applied linguistics; cultural synergy; discourse analysis; genealogy; internationalization of higher education; translanguaging2015
146 Dahl, Laura BrownTechnology, talk, and time: patterns of group communication and identityThe effective use of technology is increasingly important in many fields where online and digital communication, collaboration, and production have become more prevalent. Although it is clear that many higher education students come into the classroom with skills involved with consuming technology, ...Collaboration; Group Communication; qualitative research; Situated Learning theory; stages; Web design2015-12
147 Gomez, Stephanie LynnCrossing the line: contemporary mediated performances of hybridityWithin the U.S., particular anxieties surrounding racially and ethnically marked "others" reflect particular historical moments, and today ours are prompted by contemporized fears of immigration and terrorism. In this dissertation, I take up these issues, focusing on contemporary instantiations and ...Ethnicity; Gender; Hybridity; Race; Television2015
148 Aguilar, Kimberly NoreenCommunication in contemporary learning environments: instructor and student concepts of civility and conflict in online coursesOnline learning continues to become more prevalent in higher education. Despite extensive research of interpersonal constructs in face-to-face (F2F) instructional environments (e.g., immediacy, expectations, clarity), research has yet to explore factors such as student incivilities, instructor misb...Communication; Instructional Communication; Online Pedagogy2015
149 Bingham, KathleenThe rhetoric of verisimilitudeIn the dissertation, I use verisimilitude to explain first, how the force of visual rhetoric operates in works of art; second, for understanding how visual rhetoric influences audiences framed as both rhetorical and aesthetic viewing practices; and finally, how art is mediated in cognitive and emoti...Aristotle; art as fiction; tragedy pity and fear; Vanitas art; verisimilitude; viewing practices2013-05
150 Brown, Kelsey E.The influence of explicit instruction on failure to acquire a phonological rule due to orthographic input: the case of native english speakers learning germanRecent research indicates that knowledge of words' spelled forms can affect the underlying phonological forms in second language learners. Notably, the research suggests that second learners can use orthographic input to infer information about the phonological forms of words. A familiar orthography...orthographic input; word-final devoicing2015-12
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