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126 California Giant Salamander air expulsion sound (small adult)uu_wssSound
127 Eastern gray squirrels: growls 091002uu_wssSound
128 Yellowstone National Park: Geothermal activity near the Yellowstone Riveruu_wssSound
129 White-nosed Coatiuu_wssSound
130 San Rafael Swell Beaver extended ambient recording (080710_DAT_n)uu_wssSound
131 California Myotis search calluu_wssSound
132 Western kingbirds in Range Creek Canyon, Utah 090630uu_wssSound
133 Northern Flying Squirrel chuck sounduu_wssSound
134 Bald Eagle at Birch Bay State Park, Washington 090330uu_wssSound
135 Striped Skunk snort 091002uu_wssSound
136 Pallid Bat social vocalizationuu_wssSound
137 Pallid Bat search calluu_wssSound
138 Pied-billed Grebes (100515) 1uu_wssSound
139 Columbia Spotted Frog in air (Washington) 090411uu_wssSound
140 Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge at dawn (100514)uu_wssSound
141 Marsh Wren in western Washington 090323uu_wssSound
142 Pacific chorus frogs in Markworth State Forest in western Washington 090510 extendeduu_wssSound
143 Western Screech-Owl in Salt Lake City, Utah 090715uu_wssSound
144 Western Gray Squirrel 2 in western Washington 090618uu_wssSound
145 BearRiver Migratory Bird refuge morning (100515) 1uu_wssSound
146 Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge near photography blind (100514) 2uu_wssSound
147 Thick-billed parrots 090815uu_wssSound
148 Western Gray Squirrel 1 in western Washington 090618uu_wssSound
149 Bobcat grunt 2 090804uu_wssSound
150 Yellowstone National Park: American Bison 090528uu_wssSound
126 - 150 of 475