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126 Greeting cards sent to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards, 1960s-1980suum_lrfcText
127 Illness logs for the Richards family, 1935-19381935; 1936; 1937; 1938; 1939uum_lrfcText
128 Inauguration of George H. Emert, Thirteenth President, Utah State University, November 16, 19921992-11-16uum_lrfcText
129 Incomplete draft of a letter by Lorenzo A. Richards addressed "Dear Tim"uum_lrfcText
130 Information for Appointee1958uum_lrfcText
131 Instrument drawings by Lorenzo A. Richards, 1950-1970suum_lrfcText
132 Invitation from Peter Joseph "Joe" Lacey to an event at the USU Alumni House on Founders Day, March 19931993uum_lrfcText
133 Invitation from President and Mrs. Glen L. Taggart to a Christmas reception on 5 December 19781978-11-27uum_lrfcText
134 Invitation from the Utah State University Old Main Society to its annual dinner on 13 April 1979, sent to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards1979uum_lrfcText
135 Invitation to USU Symphony Ball held on 10 April 19931993uum_lrfcText
136 Invitations for James H. Linford to various events, 1889 to 1893uum_lrfcText
137 Invitations to various events, sent to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards, 1968-1980uum_lrfcText
138 Job description for Lorenzo A. Richards, Soil Scientist (Physics), GS-14 (undated)uum_lrfcText
139 Job description for Lorenzo A. Richards, dated 4 November 19551955-11-04uum_lrfcText
140 Leave Summary dated 2 February 1955 for Lorenzo A. Richards regarding hours accrued1955-02-02uum_lrfcText
141 Leave Summary dated 23 January 1951 for Lorenzo A. Richards1951-01-23uum_lrfcText
142 Leave Summary dated 29 January 1954 for Lorenzo A. Richards1954-01-29uum_lrfcText
143 Leave Summary dated 29 June 1957 for Lorenzo A. Richards1957-06-29uum_lrfcText
144 Letter (draft, December 1981) from Lorenzo A. Richards to Sir John Philip1981-12uum_lrfcText
145 Letter (undated but 1950) from Zilla Linford Richards to Mary Hooper Blood Linford1952-09uum_lrfcText
146 Letter (undated but 1981) from Bill Donnan to Lorenzo A. Richards1981uum_lrfcText
147 Letter (undated but from 1935-1938) from Zilla Linford Richards at the New Hotel Secor in Toledo, Ohiouum_lrfcText
148 Letter (undated but postmarked 11 July 1950) from Zilla Linford Richards to Mary Hooper Blood Linford1950-07uum_lrfcText
149 Letter (undated but probably June 1967) from "Bob" to "Mother & Dad"1967-06uum_lrfcText
150 Letter (undated) from Alan J. Bollman to Lorenzo A. Richardsuum_lrfcText
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