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126 The contribution of rehabilitative nursing techniques to the recovery of patients who have had cerebral vascular accidents1964-06Text
127 Nurse advancement: a study of experiential learning1985-06Text
128 Attitudes and beliefs of expectant women toward participation in rooming-in1990-08Text
129 Beliefs and perceptions about childbirth of Utah first-time expectant fathers1996-12Text
130 Tool development: a community needs assessment for hospice home care in Taiwan1998-06Text
131 Necessity of routine follow-up visits after diagnosis of acute otitis media : a comparison of parental report of symptoms and presence or absence of actual persistent infection1999-05Text
132 Comparison study of two methods of endotracheal tube stabilization in preterm infants1989-03Text
133 Changes in children's self concept and parents' prediction of their children's self concept1978-06Text
134 Changes in perineal musculature following childbirth: postpartum use of a perineal exercise1971-06Text
135 Fitness for Duty program evaluation2001-12Text
136 Fever as a chief complaint in a pediatric emergency room1981-10Text
137 Serum calcium and blood loss at delivery1979-06Text
138 Response of premature infants to the sound of heartbeats1974-06Text
139 Relationship between pica activity, iron deficiency anemia, and the nutritional status of Utah children1976-06Text
140 Gain and maintenance of the occipito-anterior fetal position through the prenatal use of a maternal exercise regime1979-08Text
141 Relationship between maternal depression and social maturity in preschool children1973-06Text
142 The relationship between field-dependence-independence and performance in group therapy1967-06Text
143 Use of herbal medicines during pregnancy, parturition and six weeks postpartum by women in Utah1982-08Text
144 Evaluation of factors relative to medication errors1989-06Text
145 Effects of orientation program on psychiatric patients attitude toward the hospital1964-06Text
146 Nonurgent patient use of the emergency department1997-12Text
147 Psychiatric nursing intervention in depressed elderly patients1971-06Text
148 The influence of a birth film on attitudes toward labor and delivery1970-06Text
149 Influence of fetal monitoring on patients' perceptions of nursing support during labor1976-06Text
150 Postpartum needs of women who deliver by Cesarean section1979-08Text
126 - 150 of 601