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101 Utah Network Development Surveyehsl_uhslcText
102 Drought Prediction, Preparation and Response - Page 22wwdl_documents
103 Page 159ir_computersa
104 Page 126ir_computersa
105 Scheduling multiprogammed computer systems: an analytical approach1970ir_uspaceText
106 Sixth Annual Conference on Computing in Critical Care1986ir_uspaceText
107 Computerized ICU Data Management Pitfalls and Promises1990ir_uspaceText
108 Clinical Information Systems: Their Application in the ICU1998ir_uspaceText
109 Everything you need, should, could, would want to know about data security.2005-12-07ir_uspaceText
110 Computing in the ICU: Is It Feasible and Practical? (Editorial)1991ir_uspaceText
111 Computer Processing of the Electrocardiogram (Editorial)1980ir_uspaceText
112 1st Annual Report. Utah College Library Council1973-09-30ualc_archivesText
113 V9_Page012uu_hr
114 The Place of Computers in Medicine (Editorial)1975ir_uspaceText
115 Standards for Medical Identifiers, Codes, and Messages Needed to Create an Efficient Computer-Stored Medical Record1994ir_uspaceText
116 Optimal performance of distributed simulation programs1987ir_uspaceText
117 Computerized Protocols Applied to Acute Patient Care1977ir_uspaceText
118 Medical Informatics at the University of Utah: Applying Research to Real-Life Issues1999ir_uspaceText
119 The columbia registry of controlled clinical computer trials1992-01-01ir_uspaceText
120 Pulse1993ehsl_pahsc
121 Summary of 4th International Symposium on Computing in Anesthesia and Intensive Care1986ir_uspaceText
122 Intercom1981ehsl_pahsc
123 Intercom1983ehsl_pahsc
124 WSMR ends 28 years of missile testinggr_lc
125 Pulse1997ehsl_pahsc
101 - 125 of 656