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101 "Jesus loves you" window sign2020-04Imageuum_uc19
102 Snacks in refrigerator2020-04Imageuum_uc19
103 Photo montage of Costco shopping2020-04-11Imageuum_uc19
104 Dinning table overtaken by sewing2020-04Imageuum_uc19
105 Neighborhood window scavenger hunt sign2020-04Imageuum_uc19
106 Toilet paper anniversary gift2020-04Imageuum_uc19
107 Vranes family wearing homemade masks2020-04Imageuum_uc19
108 Leigh Gibson visits obstetrician2020-04Imageuum_uc19
109 Homemade face masks [1]2020-04Imageuum_uc19
110 Safe social distance visit to family member2020-04Imageuum_uc19
111 Saying goodbye with safe social distance [2]2020-04-11Imageuum_uc19
112 Saying goodbye with safe social distance [1]2020-04-11Imageuum_uc19
113 Child attends class online at home2020-04Imageuum_uc19
114 Dog goes on bike ride2020-04Imageuum_uc19
115 Sign in window "We will prevail"2020-04Imageuum_uc19
116 Folding@Home screenshot2020-04Imageuum_uc19
117 Sign at Starbucks2020-03-17Imageuum_uc19
118 Tim Ross working from shed2020-04Imageuum_uc19
119 Home schedule for Ms. Acord's class2020-04Imageuum_uc19
120 Zoë Foster, age 3, plays with child in opposite building2020-04Imageuum_uc19
121 Children roast marshmallows at home2020-04Imageuum_uc19
122 Sign made by quarantined person2020-04Imageuum_uc19
123 Child exercises at home2020-04Imageuum_uc19
124 Children paint at home2020-04Imageuum_uc19
125 Daily 5th grade Zoom meeting2020-04Imageuum_uc19
101 - 125 of 156