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101 Collection bins for 3D printed face shield components2020-04Image
102 A 3D printer with completed face shield components2020-04Image
103 Mark Howell runs a laser cutter2020-04Image
104 3D printed face shield components2020-04Image
105 At home workstation, Cathay Ericson2020-04Image
106 Screenshot of Academic Advising Center meeting2020-04Image
107 Room sanitized sign, Warnock Engineering Building2020-03Image
108 Marriott Library social distance measures [1]2020-03-14Image
109 University of Utah Building Closure Signage2020-03-29Image
110 COVID-19 Digital Collection Planning Meeting screenshot2020-04-09Image
111 Digital Library Services Zoom meeting2020-04-03Image
101 - 125 of 111