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101 UHS Footlight Activities1944Image/StillImage
102 UHS Variety Night1944Image/StillImage
103 UHS Senior Band, Banner Carriers, and V-E Day Parade1944Image/StillImage
104 UHS Thespian Club and Art Class1944Image/StillImage
105 UHS Pilots, Airplane Mechanics, and Auto Mechanics1944Image/StillImage
106 UHS Soaring to Further Heights in the Field of Commerce1944Image/StillImage
107 UHS Basketball1944Image/StillImage
108 UHS Junior Band, Orchestra, and Ladies' Glee Club1944Image/StillImage
109 UHS Sports1944Image/StillImage
110 UHS Seminary1945Image/StillImage
111 UHS Girls' League Officers and Ute Pow Wow Staff1945Image/StillImage
112 UHS Girls' Pep Club1945Image/StillImage
113 UHS Production of the Plays "Sky Road" and "Nine Girls"1945Image/StillImage
114 UHS Uintahn Staff and Salesmen1945Image/StillImage
115 UHS Boys' Pep Club1945Image/StillImage
116 UHS Home Economics and Agricultural Club1945Image/StillImage
117 UHS Student Activities1945Image/StillImage
118 UHS 7th Grade Class 19441945Image/StillImage
119 UHS 8th Grade Class 19441945Image/StillImage
120 UHS Senior Class 19451945Image/StillImage
121 UHS Sophomore Class 19451945Image/StillImage
122 UHS Freshmen Class 19441945Image/StillImage
123 UHS Freshmen Class 19441945Image/StillImage
124 UHS Junior Class and Junior Prom Committee1945Image/StillImage
125 UHS Sophomore Class 19451945Image/StillImage
101 - 125 of 6,319