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101 Letter from Brigham Young to Issac B. Haight and John D. Lee asking for Indian Guides dated July 31, 18572012-07-31Text
102 Superintendency #554Image/StillImage
103 Circular to Superintendents and agents of the Indian Department from Office of Indian Affairs dated 12 June 18691869-06-12Image/StillImage
104 Superintendency #583Image/StillImage
105 Letter to Col. John E. Tourtellotte, Superintendent Indian Affairs, Utah from Ely S. Parker, Commissioner Indian Affairs dated 12 July 18701870-07-12Image/StillImage
106 Sand painting: "Whirling Logs"Image/StillImage
107 Superintendency list of articles, 1859Image/StillImage
108 Superintendency #626Image/StillImage
109 Voucher form Forney to Stephen Wolfe dated Oct. 12, 18591859-10-12Image/StillImage
110 Utah Superintendency #381Image/StillImage
111 Superintendency #599Image/StillImage
112 Shearing Sheep [1]Image/StillImage
113 Letter from Commissioner of Indian Affairs E.S. Parker to Superintendent Tourtillotte dated October 31, 18701870-10-31Image/StillImage
114 S P Hoyt Bill/voucherImage/StillImage
115 Letter from Nate Stein to Col. J.E. Tourtellotte dated October 24, 18701870-10-24Image/StillImage
116 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Journal History December 2, 18571857-12-02Text
117 Utah Superintendency #3051868-10-07Image/StillImage
118 Voucher from Forney to Hockaday Burr dated Sept. 30, 18591859-09-30Image/StillImage
119 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Journal History - September 1, 18571857-09-01Text
120 Excerpt from the Notes of James G. Bleak dated December 6, 18691869-12-06Image/StillImage
121 Letter from Lee William to Tourtellotte dated Mar. 12, 18701870-03-12Image/StillImage
122 Letter from Peter Robinson to Bolton dated September 22, 18591859-09-22Image/StillImage
123 Letter from Mr. Forney to Robert Hereford dated Aug. 1, 18591859-08-01Image/StillImage
124 Superintendency #617Image/StillImage
125 Receipt of payment by Superintendent Henry Martin for services rendered dated September 30, 18611861-09-30Image/StillImage
101 - 125 of 8,490