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101 Liu, YanqinA constructionist perspective on human rights tension between china and the u.s.Human rights are a controversial topic between U.S. and China. Although both countries embrace the concept of human rights, they have different understandings of what constitutes human rights. These differences derive from a variety of factors, including historical, cultural, and social contexts. Th...Human Rights; Social Construction; U.S.-China Communication2013
102 Montgomery, Jesse L.A continuous fluorescence assay for polymerase activityLittle is known about the kinetic limitations of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Advancements in chemistry and instrumentation have increased its speed and specificity. Further improvements will be facilitated by a more complete understanding of the rates of the individual reactions that compri...Activity assay; Extension rate; Intercalating dye; Polymerase activity2013-12
103 Nolin, JamesA control system for an active wearable lift assist deviceThe goal of this project was to study a control system and prototype for a wearable lift assist device. The purpose of this device is to support the upper body during torso flexion and extension to reduce the erector spinae muscle activity and decrease back compressive force. It could also be used i...Lifting and carrying -- Equipment and supplies; Lifting and carrying; Lift assist device; Control system2012-05
104 Kingston, T. RayA correlation of the bacterial flora of the nasopharynx and the urinary tract to "Bacterial Allergy."Twelve cases of clinically diagnosed "bacterial allergy" were studied to determine the bacterial flora of the nasopharynx and of the urinary tract. A comparison of the types of bacteria formed in nasopharyngeal secretions and in the urine was made. It was found that in the majority of cases the sa...Urinary Organs; Microbiology; Nasopharynx1951
105 Fetzer, MarcyA critical case study of peer mediation at an alternative high schoolAt the crossroad of peer mediation and alternative education, discursive and structural tensions emerge. Through critical discourse analysis of student discourse at one alternative school, the examination of the practice of peer mediation within the context of alternative schooling is centralized. S...Alternative; Conflict; Education; Mediation; Negotiation; Peer2014-05
106 Hall, Morgan SamuelA cross-sectional examination of the predictors of commitment in skateboardersApproximately 7.7 million athletes participate in the sport of skateboarding. Skateboarding is one of a collection of sports that are often termed lifestyle, action, or alternative sports. By definition, lifestyle sports are sports in which athletes form exclusive social identities with the culture ...Commitment; Skateboard2013-08
107 Phillips, William RevellA crystal chemical classification of the chlorite mineralsThe chlorites are common minerals in many metamorphic ricks and in hydrothermal depostits where they are frequently associated with minerals of economic importance. As such, they represent a potential source of information about the minerals with which they are associated. Such use of the chlorites ...1954
108 Zhu, JunyiA density functional theory study of dual surfactant effect in enhancing P-type doping in III-V semiconductorsSurfactant effects are usually achieved by the addition of a single surface element. We demonstrate by density functional theory calculations a dual-surfactant effect of Sb and H on enhancing Zn, Mg, Be and Cd incorporation in OMVPE grown GaP thin films. The combined effects of Sb and H lower signif...Materials science2010
109 Heriot, Cathy Summers.A descriptive analysis of experiences of personal meaning of life among older adults.The purpose of this dissertation was to describe one aspect of the human spirit, older adults' experiences of personal meaning of life as it is lived. A qualitative mode of inquiry was chosen for its compatibility with the research purpose. Phenomenological methods were employed for their fit with t...Gerontogy; Nursing1991-12
110 Johnson, Patricia Jean LannonA descriptive evaluation of the expanded-role nurse in high risk newborn care.The expanded-role nurse concept was implemented by one nurse in a newborn intensive care center. A comparative evaluation was then conducted to described and compare the quality of primary care provided by the nurse to a representative group of high risk newborns with the primary care provided to s...Infants (Newborn); Pediataric Nursing1974-06
111 Silva, Wilson de LimaA descriptive grammar of DesanoThis dissertation provides a linguistic description and analysis of Desano, an endangered Tukanoan language of the Vaupes region of Brazil. Much valuable knowledge would be lost if this language were to become extinct without documentation. Several of the Tukanoan languages in the upper Amazon are h...Desano; Description; Documentation; Grammar; Morphosyntax; Tukanoan2012-08
112 A descriptive grammar of Koho-Sre: a Mon-Khmer languageKơho, a Mon-Khmer (Austroasiatic) language, is spoken by an indigenous population of more than 207,000 people located in Lâm Đồng province in the highland region of Vietnam. There are also several thousand additional members of this ethnic group who live in France and the United States (primari...Austroasiatic languages; Grammar; Mon-Khmer languages; North Carolina; Vietnam2014-12
113 Lau, Lee Min.A diagnostic expert system, Iliad, as a quality review screen.A diagnostic expert system, Iliad, was evaluated as a quality review tool in the Medicare inpatient review performed by Peer Review Organizations (PROs). The current PRO review appeared to underdetect diagnostic errors. The PRO review started with a nurse review using generic quality screens. Only c...Microbiology; Health Care1994-12
114 Warnick, Richard MichaelA digital atlas of Utah wildernessHuman-environment interaction has long been a primary theme of geographic thought. Public lands policies, and particularly wilderness designations, significantly shape the natural environment in western states such as Utah. Geographic information science and the Internet are now important parts of t...Atlas; Geography; GIS; Public lands; Utah; Wilderness2011-12
115 Setzer, Henry W.A distributional and taxonomic study of the kangaroo rats (genus dipodomys) of UtahThe kangaroo rats (genus Dipodomys) belong to the order Rodentia and to the family Heteromyidae. Phylogenetically they are closely allied to the family Geomyidae, characterized in Utah by the common pocket gopher (genus Thomomys). The family Heteromyidae is represented, in Utah, by two other genera,...Kangroo rats; Utah1944-08-15
116 Banks, JohnA document history of the Morrisites in UtahIn conformity with my belief that no historian should ever attempt to prove a thesis, I have satisfied myself with collecting testimony, document t and datum. With these before me I am able to form my own opinions respecting the Morrisite movement , and I have no tear but that the reader will be equ...Church of the First Born (Morrisites)1909
117 Bahabadi, Shahrzad JaliliA double blind study on the efficacy of a colostrum and egg yolk supplement vs. placebo to reduce frequency and duration of upper respiratory tract infections in healthy adultsPrevious colostrum trials have been conducted with serum IgA levels and upper respiratory tract infections and reports document beneficial immunomodulatory effects after colostrum supplementation and no adverse effects. Having previously demonstrated that colostrum supplementation in athletes increa...4Life; Colostrum; Egg yolk supplement; IgA; Transfer factor; Tri-Factor; Upper respiratory tract infections2012-05
118 Sajbel, Terrie A.A double-blind randomized comparative trial of butorphanol tartrate and morphine sulfate in the treatment of postoperative pain in geriatric patientsThe elder population is one that is frequently overlooked or excluded in drug studies. However, although those over 65 years of age constitute approximately 12% of the total population, the take 25% of all prescription medications. The elderly may have many and varied reactions to drugs as compared ...1987-12
119 Jostad, JeremyA dynamical systems theory examination of social connections in outdoor recreation programsAdolescence is a developmental time period in which social connections are an important aspect to fostering positive growth and identity. Outdoor Adventure Education (OAE) programs are strategically positioned to help in this developmental process because of the novel social environment, however, l...Adolescent; Adventure; Dynamical; Outdoor; Social; Systems2015-12
120 Kim, JunsuA dynamical understanding of stratospheric influences on tropospherica climate and the oceanChanges in the stratospheric circulation have the potential to affect weather and climate in the troposphere, especially over the high latitudes. In order to better understand such influences, we analyze the relationships among stratospheric, tropospheric, and oceanic variability. We reach our goal ...Climate; Ocean circulation; Ozone; Stratosphere; Time scale; Troposphere2014-05
121 Zazou, Samiha MahmoudA faunule from a Shale Unit in the lower Ely Formation, West-Central UtahThe Confusion Range lies in the western part of Millard and Juab Counties, west- central Utah. It i s bounded on the east and west by the White and the Snake Valleys, respectively. The range is 50 miles long from north to south and 7 to 10 miles wide. The stratigraphic section in the Confusion Rang...Shale; Geology -- Utah -- Ely Formation; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing project1967-06
122 Kelly, BrendanA finite index subgroup of BN(OS) with infinite dimensional cohomologyLet Fp be the nite eld with p elements, let S be a nite nonempty set of inequivalent valuations on Fp(t), and let OS be the ring of S-integers. If Bn is the solvable, linear algebraic group of upper triangular matrices with determinant 1, then the solvable S-arithmetic group Bn(OS) has a nite-in...Cohomology operations; Homology theory; Group theory; Mathematics - Research2014-05
123 Goharian, ErfanA framework for water supply system performance assessment to support integrated water resources management and decision making processWater resources are limited and disproportionately distributed in time and place. Moreover, complex interactions among different components of the water system, changes in population and urbanization growth rates, and climate change have increased the uncertainty influencing water resource planning....Decision Support; Hydroinformatics; Integrated Water Resource Management; Stormwater Management; System Analysis; System Performance Assessment2016
124 Heit, John DaleA framework to estimate power output as a function of input vibration parameters for vibration energy harvestingA standard lumped parameter model for an inertial vibration energy harvester consists of a proof mass, spring, and damper(s). This model can also be described with a proof mass, viscous damping element for parasitic mechanical losses, and a generalized transducer that applies some force to the mass ...Energy harvesting; Optimal; Vibration2014-08
125 Altizer, Roger Alan Jr.A grounded legal study of the breakdown of modders' relationships with game companies or legal threats shake moral bedsThis dissertation utilizes law and society research, as well as communication advocacy, to frame analysis and offer an extra-legal solution to conflicts between modders, fans who create new content from existing videogames, and game companies. It utilizes grounded theory and the traditional legal ad...cease and desist; chilling effect; grounded theory; modding; participatory culture; video games2013-05
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