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101 Some Hairy Gossyp (Presentation Video)Thornton, IveyA 13-year old female with a perceived whiteness affecting her right field of vision. Previous history significant for seizure-like spikes affecting sleep and ventricular and atrial septal defects, the latter of which, surgically repaired.
102 ‘Tis Nobler in the Mind to Suffer... Or to Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles and by Opposing End Them? (Hamlet act 3, scene 1) (Presentation Video)Moss, Heather41-year old female with a shadow over the left eye.
103 Twice Bitten, Once Shy (Presentation Video)Shin, RobertA 57-year old female with fatigue, confusion and headache associated with a right inferior quadrantanopsia.
104 Another Case of Guillain-Alajouanine-Garcin Syndrome [also known as Bertolotti-Garcin syndrome, Garcin's syndrome, Garcin-Guillain syndrome, Hartmann's syndrome (Friedrich Hartmann), Schmincke tumor-unilateral cranial paralysis syndrome...] (Presentation Video)Valérie Biousse, MD Departments of Ophthalmology and Neurology, Emory University School of MedicineA 37-year old male with multiple right-side cranial nerve palsies. Previous history significant for hypertension and sleep apnea. Family history remarkable for diabetes, glaucoma and thyroid disease.
105 Tics and Fleas (Presentation Video)Nancy J. Newman, MD, Emory Eye CenterA 61-year old female with tic douloureux and diplopia. Previous history significant for squamous cell skin cancer below right eye, surgically resected. Dx atypical trigeminal neuralgia after neurological consult following administration of local anesthetic for basal cell carcinoma resection.
106 A Runny Nose (Presentation Video)Steven A. Newman, M.D., University of Virginia School of MedicineA 78-year old male with a 4-week history of left eye droop and decreased vision. Previous history significant for resection of left turbinate and cauterization of the nose.
107 What's In a Name? (Presentation Video)Nicholas J Volpe, MD, Northwestern University76-year old male; five year history of muscle pain and arthralgia; four year history of PMR symptoms; gastrointestinal illness.
108 Combing the Globe for Terrorism (Presentation Video)Norah S. Lincoff MD, University at BuffaloAn 83-year old male; hypertension; atrial fibrillation; type II diabetes mellitus; squamous cell carcinoma of the face; prostate cancer (treated).
109 Pseudo Pseudo Pseudo Tumor Cerebri (Presentation Video)Marc J. Dinkin, MD, Weill Cornell MedicineA 27-year old male with visual disturbances and worsening headache.
110 A Bright Spot Causing Darkness (Presentation Video)Hwang, ThomasA 20-year old male with a 2-week history of headache and blurred vision.
111 Some Orbital ConfusionSteven A. Newman, M.D., University of Virginia School of Medicine; Bourne, David TIn September 2006 he had been referred for a second opinion regarding a 5 year history of intermittent swelling around the right orbit, worsening over 7 months associated with double vision, and proptosis (C,D).
112 Ain't No Sunshine When You Are Gone!Shah, Veeral S; Sternau, Linda L; Felicella, Michelle; Dubovy, Sanders; Alabiad, Chris; Norman J. Schatz, M.D., Bascom Palmer Eye Institute; Lam, Byron LAn 18 year-old Latin American female presented with progressive visual loss OD over 6 weeks. She initially had blurry vision and photophobia OD with a central scotoma OD on HVF testing. At that time, examination revealed a right swollen optic nerve with retinal hemorrhages. She was otherwise healthy...
113 Sacramentum GladiatoriumMichael S. Vaphiades, MD, University of Alabama; Doyle, JenniferMedical history includes hypertension and hyperlipidemia.
114 No Rhabdo?Melson, Mark RA 5 year-old girl presented for evaluation of a right orbital mass displacing the globe superiorly. She had a 5 week history of swelling around her right eye. Her pediatrician diagnosed a blocked tear duct and referred her to an ophthalmologist. She failed empiric treatment for orbital cellulitis an...
115 Occam's Razor or Gamma Knife?Kulkarni, Kaushal M; Sternau, Linda L; Lam, Byron LHypertension, end-stage renal disease on hemodialysis, and an episode of anterior uveitis in the right eye 10 years earlier.
116 Clues Hidden in the SkinRucker, Janet C; Cho, Catherine; Weisfeld-Adams, James; Brodie, Scott EShe underwent neurological evaluation at age 32 (neuroimaging, serologies, lumbar puncture, muscle biopsy) with no resultant diagnosis (records unavailable). She required a wheelchair by age 36 and gradually developed slurred speech, cognitive decline, and worsened motor function. Simultaneous with ...
117 Double Vision? - Give Your Head a ShakePatel, Vivek; Albreiki, Danah3 month history of constant binocular oblique diplopia with mild worsening, progressive disequilibrium, and a wide based gait. No vertigo, loss of coordination, loss of vision or oscillpsia, hearing loss, or tinnitus. No history of cancer, hypothyroidism, GI malabsorption or anemia. Occupational his...
118 Diabetes Does Not Explain It AllSkidd, Philip M; Joseph F. Rizzo III, M.D.; Eichler, Florian S; Cestari, Dean MSystemic hypertension, type II diabetes mellitus, hypercholesteremia, anxiety and depression.
119 Raise Your Grade Point AverageGrabe, Hilary M; Myers, Jeffrey L; Quint, Douglas J; Elner, Victor M; Jonathan Daniel Trobe MD, Michigan UniversityTwo years earlier, he had had persistent hearing loss in the left ear attributed elsewhere to infection. One year later, he developed left facial weakness diagnosed as Bell's palsy, treated with corticosteroids without recovery. A few months later, he became hoarse and had difficulty swallowing.
120 A Wolf in Bear's ClothingMacIntosh, Peter W; Bogard, Agatha; Setabutr, Pete; Moss, Heather EAn eleven-month-old African-American girl with medical history of reactive airway disease developed a bump and bags under both eyes which her mother attributed to minor trauma. There were no signs of systemic illness. A week later, her mother noticed more prominent right eye edema and a new bump beh...
121 Golden GrapesMoss, Heather E; Zivin, Sean; Lin, Amy; Aakalu, Vinay; Osmanovic, Senad; Al Heeti, Omar; Mayer, Stockton; Patel, MaheshA 71 year-old African American woman presented with a painful right retrobulbar optic neuropathy and weight loss. ESR was 74. She was treated with steroids. Temporal artery biopsy did not show arteritis. Nine days later, while on a steroid taper, she developed fevers, worsening right eye vision, pto...
122 Spots, Spots Everywhere, And Not A Spot To SeeNazarian, Sarkis M; Shaon, Kelli Y; Habetz, Kenneth R; Al-Salaimeh, Ayman; Schwankhaus, John D; Joseph G. Chacko, M.D., University of ArkansasAdditional history revealed that the patient had suffered a tick bite about two weeks prior to the onset of his rash.
123 A Candid Look at a Missed DiagnosisMargolin, Edward; Gopwani, Jasmine; Willinsky, RobertShe was diagnosed with migraine, stress, and "drug seeking" presumed from a history of past (intravenous?) heroin use.
124 Wear and Tear VisionWeber, Konrad P; Schweier, Caterina; Kana, Veronika; Guggi, Thomas; Byber, Katarzyna; Klara Landau, MD, FEBO, University of Zurich
125 Which One is The Real ZebraTamhankar, Madhura A; Kharlip, Julia; Lustig, Robert; Burnham, Jon; Shekdar, Karuna; Paessler, Michele; Rorke, Lucy; Cole, KristinaA 15-year-old male complained of headaches and nausea, two months after appendectomy.
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