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101 "Nobody can give from an empty vessel": a qualitative study on self-care for women activists in counseling psychologyWomen psychologists have conducted social justice work since the beginning of psychology, when women were denied access to education. The efforts of first- and second-generation women psychologists paved the way for present day women in counseling psychology. Today's female psychologists and graduat...Activism; Counseling Psychology; Qualitative Research; Self-Care; Social Justice; Women2016
102 The electronic daily school note: a study examining an evidence-based school intervention package for improving on-task behavior, academics, and home-school collaborationThe efficacy of home notes has been extensively documented across decades of research for improving classroom behavior, academic skills, and home-school communication. However, when used in traditional paper form, home notes may be forged, lost, or destroyed. More recently, there has been increased ...Information Technology; Educational psychology; Behavioral Sciences; Psychology2016
103 Persisting from the margins: the journeys of three women of color to and in higher educationGrounded in poststructural feminist theory and feminist race theories, this qualitative study explores the education trajectories of three Women of Color for insights into their persistence to and in higher education. Specifically, through narrative analysis of the participants' authoring and re-aut...Education; Feminist Theory; Higher Education; Narrative Research; Postsecondary Education; Race2016
104 Impact of adverse clinical training experiences on the career development of medical and psychology studentsClinical training is an integral part of medical and health service psychology education. These experiences offer valuable opportunities for students to develop applied skills and evaluate their interest in various specialty and practice areas; however, the power differential between trainees and su...adverse training experiences; career development; clinical training; medical education; psychology education2016
105 Measuring cognitive load: a meta-analysis of load measurement sensitivityThe current study utilized a meta-analysis review to investigate the sensitivity of several cognitive load measures. Specifically, the study examined whether self-rating, single-task performance, dual-task performance, eye-track, or physiological measures are most sensitive to changes in cognitive l...cognitive load; education; instructional design; multimedia; technology2016
106 Using essays to evaluate learning and comparing human scoring of essays to computer scoring systemsPrior research conducted by Butcher, Davies, and Cook (2015, in preparation) demonstrated that using concept maps to search within the online scientific database from the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) decreases cognitive effort over more common keyword-based searches; our purpose was to de...Coh-Metrix; Essays; Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA); National Science Digital Library (NSDL); Online Learning2016
107 "You have no life other than that, so you better like what you're doing": a feminist phenomenology of women in undergraduate engineering majorsThe purpose of this study was to describe the perceptions and experiences of female undergraduate engineering students who either switched their majors or stayed in engineering to graduate. Historically women are underrepresented in undergraduate engineering majors despite deliberate recruitment an...engineering; undergraduate; women2016
108 Understanding transfer student bachelor's degree attainment: using Bourdieu's theory of social reproductionThe purpose of this study was to examine and understand the relationship between factors that contribute to or inhibit bachelor's degree attainment utilizing Bourdieu's framework of social reproduction theory. Bourdieu's concepts of capital, habitus, and field were examined with regard to bachelor'...Bourdieu, Pierre, 1930-2002; Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System2016
109 Trichotillomania: a journey of personal empowerment: a qualitative study of women who engage in chronic hair pullingTrichotillomania is an understudied chronic condition with unknown etiology and epidemiology that affects a significant number of girls and women. This study addressed the overarching question, What are the experiences and perceptions of women who engage in hair pulling? "Trichotillomania: A Journey...empowerment; hair pulling; obsessive compulsive; qualitative; trauma; trichotillomania2016
110 The effects of parental, community, peer risk and protective factors on hispanic adolescent drug use across adolescenceThe current study investigated the relationships between Hispanic adolescent drug use, friends' drug use, parental and community risk and protective factors across Hispanic adolescent development. Survey data from the 2012 Arizona Youth Survey (AYS) were analyzed to better understand the relationsh...Adolescent; Hispanic; Peer influence; Risk and protective factors; Substance use; Educational psychology; Developmental psychology; Hispanic American studies2015-12
111 The use of an ipad app to deliver a time-delay taped-words intervention to students at-risk for reading difficultiesThe purpose of the current study was to empirically evaluate the effectiveness of a specifically designed iPad app to administer the time-delay taped-words intervention. This study is an extension of previous research that has shown the time-delay taped-words intervention to be effective at improvin...app; intervention; ipad; reading; sight words; time-delay taped-words2015-12
112 Use of data to inform practice in elementary school classroomsThe purpose of this study was to examine the influence of data use on student achievement. Two research questions were considered: is the use of formative assessment tools (Yearly Progress Pro and Acuity) correlated to student achievement outcomes and are there factors (access to computers, a teache...Data use; Decision making; Student Achievement2015-12
113 An investigation of uridine on depressive symptoms and neuropsychological test performance in youth ages 13-21 with bipolar disorderThe current study was designed to examine the effects of uridine on depressive symptoms and neuropsychological test performance in depressed youth with bipolar disorder. Participants included 20 adolescents diagnosed with bipolar depression between the ages of 13 and 21. Additionally, this study sou...Bipolar disorder; Depression; Neuropsychological; Placebo; Uridine; Youth2015
114 High school involvement and student engagement as protective factors for at-risk studentsThere continue to be a large number of at-risk students who do not complete high school every year. There are a number of identifiable risk factors that can contribute to an increased likelihood of students dropping out of high school. With advances in data collection, schools are now better able to...At-Risk; dropout; Early Warning System; High School; Student Engagement; Students2015
115 Ocular-motor methods for detecting deception: effects of practice feedback and blockingThe ocular-motor deception test (ODT) detects deception from patterns of reading behavior and pupil enlargement. This mock crime study manipulated guilt, blocking, practice with or without feedback, and interevent intervals to assess their effects on ocular-motor and behavioral measures of deceptio...Deception detection; Eye tracking; Ocular-motor2015-12
116 Investigating the relationship between enrollment characteristics and academic performance with the educational outcomes of first- and continuing-generation studentsFirst-generation students in higher education face challenges in terms of access to and graduation from higher education institutions. The purpose of this study was to examine the educational outcomes of graduation, cumulative loan debt, and employment for first-generation students compared to their...First generation; First generation student; First in family college2015
117 Using interactive domain overviews to develop deep understanding in a complex reasoning taskRepresentations in the form of concept maps have been shown to be a benefit to leaners. However, previous research examined the influence of these representations in learning in well-structured environments. Additionally, previous research suggests that increasing the activity of students in learnin...concept map; generation effect; law2015-12
118 Solving for irrational zeros: whiteness in mathematics teacher educationFor many, mathematics and social justice are perceived as incompatible. Several mathematics education researchers have noted resistance to social justice among mathematics teachers. However, mathematics education has a consistently negative impact on the education of students of color. This study se...Critical Discourse Analysis; Social Justice; Whiteness2015-12
119 Our path unwinding: conversations and reflections on diversity through dialogueThis qualitative autoethnography has stemmed conceptually out of the increasing demand for dialogue processes in social justice and diversity education. This inquiry illustrates how an African American male graduate student and instructor reflected on semi-structured critical dialogue processes in a...Diversity; Dialogue; Facilitator; Diversity dialogue facilitator; Dissertation; Capstone project; Intergroup dialogue; African American male graduate student; Black male graduate student; Black male; Autoethnography; Journal reflection; Journal reflections; Reflection; Passion; Awareness; Skills; Kn...2016-05
120 Effects of explanation to self and others with mental model diagrams during science learningThis study examined the use of diagram representations (correct or correct and incorrect models) when combined with self-explanation or explaining to another in a learning environment. Thirty-five learners with low prior knowledge were assigned to one of four conditions: self-explain with a correct ...Diagrams; Explanation; Mental Models; Self-Explanation; Educational psychology; Science education2015-08
121 Social stories: an intervention tool to help decrease undesired behaviors in children with characteristics of autism spectrum disordersAn adapted alternating treatment design was implemented to explore whether (a) a Social Story presented in a paper-based format was effective in decreasing undesired behaviors when compared to a no-intervention baseline condition, (b) a Social Story presented in a tablet computer-based format was ef...behavior; preschool; Social Stories2015-08
122 Use of timeout procedures: a national survey of educators' utilization and perceptions of the effectiveness of timeoutThe purpose of the current survey study was to gather more recent information regarding educators' conceptualization and utilization of timeout procedures by replicating previous research conducted by Zabel in 1986. A survey tool was developed and included questions that pertain to variables such as...behavioral intervention; education; punishment; seclusion; Survey; timeout2015-08
123 Reimagining education with nepantlera/o elementary-aged youth through anzaldua and critical youth studiesThis study examines the everyday experiences of contemporary Chicana/o elementary aged youth through a Chicana feminist and critical youth studies framework. Through this framework, Chicana/o elementary-aged youth are recognized as nepantleras/os as a result of their borderland experiences tied to ...Chicana feminisms; Chicana/o education; Ethnic Studies; Gloria Anzaldua; Mexican American Studies2015-08
124 Translocal digital authoring: identity negotiation processes through multimodal literacies among girls who were resettled as refugees from thailandGrounded in a critical sociocultural theory of literacy that draws on elements of postcolonial feminism, postmodern geography, and cultural studies, this dissertation focuses on language and its use in digital multimodal literacy practices. This ethnographic study took place from January to Septemb...Community-based learning; Gender; Identity; Literacy; Multimodality; Refugee education2015-08
125 The impact of representation format and task instruction on student understanding in scienceThe purpose of this study is to examine how representation format and task instructions impact student learning in a science domain. Learning outcomes were assessed via measures of mental model, declarative knowledge, and knowledge inference. Students were asked to use one of two forms of representa...Drawing; Explain; Knowledge integration; Mental model; Summary; Writing2015-08
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