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101 Valdez, Trina MarisaA case study of community cultural wealth among ""mountain west"" chicana/o college studentsThe purpose of this qualitative study was to identify some of the cultural wealth and resources that Chicano/Latino college students, families, and communities hold and share. By using Latino critical race theory (LatCrit) to conceptualize cultural wealth, it was possible to focus this study on an ...Chicana and Chicano; Community cultural wealth; Critical race theory; Cultural capital; Cultural wealth; Latina/o critical race theory2015-05
102 Knorr, JamesA validation and efficacy study examining the electronic home note intervention package for increasing rates of on-task and academic performanceThe aim of this study was to increase the rates of on-task behavior and academic achievement for 4 participants with the Electronic Home Note Intervention Package. The Electronic Home Note Intervention Package was designed to enhance a common school-based behavioral intervention, the home note, by c...Daily behavior report card; Education; Electronic; Home note; Intervention2015-05
103 Wiggins, Christine MarieThe development of expertise in reading and reading instruction: the continuum from preservice to advanced experienced teachers as measured by the literacy instruction knowledge scales written surveyThe purpose of this study was to examine whether teachers with more teaching experience possess greater expertise with regards to content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge than teachers with less experience, and to identify a collection of variables that contribute to the growth of content...Content knowledge; Developmental models; Expertise; Knowledge of reading; Pedagogical content knowledge; Teacher knowledge2012-05
104 Asbrand, James PatrickThe phenomenological experience of cross-cultural differences in the therapeutic relationshipThe therapeutic relationship has been a cornerstone of the theory and practice psychotherapy since it first emerged as a healing modality. Evidence of the power of the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist has been extensively reported. Despite the recent emphasis on multicultural aw...Cross-cultural differences; Multicultural counseling; Psychotherapy; Qualitative; Therapeutic relationship2012-05
105 King, Brian ScottSelf-and peer-modeling combined with self-monitoring to increase rates of on-task behaviorThis study investigated the effectiveness of using self-as-a-model and peermodeling techniques in a package with self-monitoring to increase on-task behavior during independent seatwork time in math. The intervention package included self and peermodeling videos, a self-monitoring training video, co...On-task; Peer-modeling; Self-monitoring2012-05
106 Merrill, Tiffany JoThe effects of perceived coercion and empowerment on motivational processes for adults ordered to attend substance abuse treatment: a mixed methods analysisSubstance abuse treatment agencies increasingly work with clients who are mandated to treatment by the criminal justice system. This trend has necessitated a better understanding of the impact of clients' subjective perceptions of coercion on motivation for treatment and recovery. The present study ...Empowerment; Motivation; Substance abuse2013-08
107 Patnaik, PoojaOcular-motor methods for detecting deception: direct versus indirect interrogationThe present mock crime study investigated whether the accuracy of an ocular-motor deception test (ODT) that directly asks if the person committed illicit acts differs from the accuracy of an ODT that indirectly asks if the person provided false answers on a questionnaire about those illicit activiti...Deception detection; Eyetracking2013-08
108 Rhodehouse, Sara BerniceTeaching vocabulary to preschoolers with disabilities using adult-child shared bookreading: a comparison of traditional and electronic booksThis study sought to validate adult-child shared storybook reading as a method for teaching target vocabulary words to preschool children with disabilities. The Vocabulary Learning through Books (VLTB) instructional procedure incorporates, adult-child book reading, questioning during reading requiri...Disabilities; E-book; Preschool; Shared bookreading; Traditional book2013-08
109 Backner, William MatthewAn investigation of types and awareness of psychological problems of male adolescents with autism spectrum disorders who have been treated for psychiatric disordersThis study examined types of psychological and functioning problems, and awareness of these problems, in adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) who had been treated for comorbid psychiatric disorders. Participants were male adolescents, ages 11-18, who were "high functioning" (IQ > 85). Th...Autism; Autism spectrum disorders; Functioning; Parent-report; Self-awareness; Self-report2012-08
110 Oster, Teresa Jean Mc GregorAn investigation of head start teachers' attitudes toward adopting evidence-based practices and the classroom assessment scoring systemThe concurrence of neuroscience research, predictive factors linking preschool quality to subsequent learning, and risk factors compromising developmental outcomes and therefore a child's ability to enter kindergarten with requisite skills have prompted changes in research, policy, and practice. The...Attitude scales; Classroom assessment scoring system; Early childhood professional development; Evidence-based practices; Head start; Teacher instructional quality2014-12
111 Howard, BrittainiAn examination of the effects of the strong start pre-kindergarten program on the behaviors of children with externalizing behavior disorders in a therapeutic preschoolThe current study evaluated the effectiveness of a manualized social and emotional learning curriculum, Strong Start Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) in decreasing aggressive behaviors and increasing positive social behavior and emotional regulation in a group of 4 to 5 year-old preschool children with seri...Behavior; Preschool; Social emotional learning; Social skills; Strong Kids; Strong start2014-12
112 Freire, Juan A.Spanish-English dual language teacher beliefs and practices on culturally relevant pedagogy in a collaborative action research processDual language (DL) research tends to overlook the bicultural goal in DL, as well as social justice issues, with little research showing how and if DL teachers develop biculturalism and sociopolitical consciousness in their students. This study employs a critical sociocultural theoretical framework a...Collaborative action research; Culturally relevant pedagogy; Dual language immersion education; Multicultural education; Teacher beliefs and practices; Teacher professional development2014-08
113 Ellingson, A. GladeEarly premature termination from a university counseling center: a qualitative research studyA significant percentage of clients entering counseling or psychotherapy unilaterally discontinue after the first or second session. In the clinical and research literature these former clients are referred to as "early premature terminators" (EPTs) and are often presumed to be treatment failures. W...Counseling centers; Early premature terminators; Treatment failure1990-06
114 Bermingham, Douglas WilliamThe price is right: the impacts of age, quantitative knowledge, working memory, and congnitive strategy use on memory for quantitative informationResearch has demonstrated that experts, or those with more knowledge within a particular domain, tend to have better memory for information within that domain. However, there is conflicting evidence as to whether domain knowledge can moderate the relationship between aging and recall. This study tes...Aging; Declarative memory; Domain expertise; Working memory capacity2014-08
115 Steven, CoreyThe effects of spatial organization and student generation during self-regulated, online learning with domain overviewsConcept maps have been shown to have positive effects for students on recall. This is because, among other things, they are designed to show learners the relationships between concepts in a visuospatial way. However, it remains to be seen how concept maps affect deeper forms of learning, or whether ...Concept maps; Conceptual relationships; Constructivism; Deep learning; Online learning; Spatial organization2014-08
116 Harward, SarahLanguage regression in autism spectrum disorders: investigating adult outcomes 30-years laterSeveral studies have compared the outcomes of children with and without language regression; however, no studies to date provide outcome data investigating the early effect of language regression on adult outcomes. This study compared current adult functioning of individuals who were diagnosed with ...Adult; ASD; Autism; Longitudinal; Outcomes2014-08
117 Codell, JonathanPostresettlement refugee mental health trajectoriesThe current study evaluated longitudinal mental health trajectories for 107 refugees resettled in Utah during 2011. The aims of this study were to: (1) identify a set of trajectory classes that reflect important variations in mental health experienced by refugees during the course of their first pos...Growth mixture modelling; Growth trajectories; Mental health; Refugee; Resettlement2014-08
118 Stevenson, Ryan FordPredictors of ambivalent sexist attitudes toward women in a Latter-Day Saint (LDS) adult sample: a test of Glick and Fiske's ambivalent sexism theoryThe objective of this study was to investigate the contribution of multiple demographic and religiosity variables as predictors of ambivalent sexism toward women in a sample of LDS adults. A nationwide sample of 3563 active or former LDS participants were recruited through online social media sites ...Ambivalent sexism; Benevolent sexism; Hostile sexism; Latter-day Saints; Mormons; Violence against women2014-08
119 Atasay, EnginDeterritorializing multicultural education: re-conceptualizing social justice curriculum and teachingIn an effort to begin rethinking multicultural education, this dissertation intends to problematize multicultural education social justice discourse. I analyze multicultural education's territorial assumptions about power-and the subsequent social arrangements of power (social justice, equality and ...Deterritorialization; Neoliberal discourse; Social justice education; Subjectivity; Tantrum; Territorialization2014-08
120 Abrams, Elizabeth MarieEngagement and struggle for beloved community: old lesbians building community through participatory action researchThe remarkable increase in the last 15 years of published literature on LGBT people has typically used mixed samples of gay men and lesbians, even though differences in historical, political, and social contexts lead each reference group to have unique lived experiences and needs. Kehoe (1988) state...Aging; Beloved community; Feminist; Lesbian; LGBT; PAR2014-08
121 Sorensen, Linda JeanWhy time away from practice improves performance: a test of three memory-based explanationsPrior evidence from several research areas suggests that performance improvements can accrue during intervals that preclude further practice of a procedural skill; however, the mechanism underlying this improvement is unclear. In order to test competing explanations for such improvement, the author ...2014-08
122 Duszak, Elizabeth Michelle ProemmelEvaluating the effectiveness of counseling center-based psychotherapy outcome measures: a statistical comparison of the counseling center assessment of psychological symptoms and the outcome questionnaireEvaluating the effectiveness of psychotherapy services, such as through client ratings of mental health symptoms, is a vital component of maintaining quality of care. However, the performance of psychotherapy outcome measures is not fully understood. Specifically, there are gaps in knowledge regardi...Counseling center; Multilevel modeling; Outcome assessment; Psychotherapy outcome2014-08
123 Arezynski, Alexis VictoriaThe complexities of power in feminist multicultural psychotherapy supervision: a qualitative studySupervision is described as a central method for teaching psychotherapy, wherein licensed psychotherapy clinicians facilitate the development of supervisees' clinical capabilities and skills, transmit the values and ethics inherent in the counseling profession, address issues of client wellbeing, an...Feminism; Multiculturalism; Psychotherapy supervision2014-08
124 Melling, Amy K.Severity and the utilization of services in a university counseling centerThe objective of this study was to examine patterns over time related to severity and utilization of mental health services in a university setting. Twelve years of archival data from a university counseling center were analyzed, which included a total of 8,623 clients and 83,095 sessions. Various d...College counseling center; College student mental health; College student severity; Severity; University counseling center; Utilization2014-08
125 Kuhlman, B. BrianThe test-taking pupil: effects of depletion, difficulty, and threat on pupil responsivityPupil dilation measures provide a useful index of test-taking processes. Prior research has established a simple positive relationship between pupil dilation magnitude and (i) threat levels, (ii) task difficulty levels, and (iii) working memory capacity. Surprisingly few studies have investigated th...Cognitive testing; Ego depletion; EPR; Fear conditioning; Implicit processing; Pupillometry2014-08
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