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101 Description of methods available for interpretation for non-English-speaking clients in children's hospitals1995-03Text
102 Development of a goal-directed nursing admission history1987-12Text
103 Differences in aspects of satisfaction for nurses who stay on or leave a job1983-12Text
104 Nice parents equal nice babies: an ethnographic study in the newborn intensive care unit1983-12Text
105 Physiologic changes of intubated premature infants during transfer procedures2006-05Text
106 Relationship of functional roles in nursing to job satisfaction and authoritarianism in a selected private hospital1964-08Text
107 Parental acceptance of nursing participation in well-baby care1970-06Text
108 Description of the older primipara and her concerns during pregnancy1985-08Text
109 Registered nurse perception of the current role of the staff registered nurse in an acute care pediatric hospital1994-03Text
110 Stress and coping of parents of pediatric heart transplant patients and parents of pediatric patients with chronic heart disease a comparative study implications for health care providers1999-05Text
111 Hardiness level among registered nurses1991-12Text
112 The development of a scale to test nurses' attitudes about health beliefs1983-12Text
113 Job satisfaction and supervisory behavior among hospital staff nurses1984-08Text
114 Health care needs of a national park population: a descriptive study1984-12Text
115 Effect of suctioning technique on oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in arterial blood in positive end expiratory pressure dependent patients1983-03Text
116 Development of an initial questionnaire for women's perceptions of the labor and delivery experience1987-08Text
117 Maternal utilization of educational handouts1994-08Text
118 Compliance among adolescents with asthma2000-08Text
119 Role stress among nurses prepared at the Master's level in a clinical specialty who have job related administrative and management responsibilities1985-06Text
120 Human resources and requirements for community health nursing1988-06Text
121 Depression in the elderly: a comparison study of recently bereaved and nonbereaved samples1982-03Text
122 Reported incidents of physical aggression between spouses fifty years or older1987-08Text
123 Outgoing helping behavior as a coping strategy during the first year of bereavement among the elderly: toward a model for nursing intervention1984-06Text
124 Sociocultural support systems of elderly Mexican-Americans: implications for health and transcultural nursing care1982-06Text
125 Relationship between selected personality variables: measured by the patterns of social adaptation scale and the California psychological inventory1976-06Text
101 - 125 of 601