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76 A Course on Spirituality and Aging in the 21st Century: Development and DesignTaking a Life-Span ApproachMadsen, Lori2011
77 Seniors Driving Safely: An Educational Program to Optimize Electric-Powered Wheelchair Usage Among SeniorsBahr, Kasey2012
78 Toward the Development of a Guide to Home Health Care for Older AdultsKoduri, Harika2012
79 Business and Aging: A Course Designed for Learning How to Develop Business and Career Opportunities in the Field of AgingGreenwell, Wally2012
80 CNA Grief Support: An Educational Website for Certified Nurse Assistants & Skilled Nursing Facility AdministratorsClift, Christy Martinsen2012
81 Intergenerational Involvement in the Lives of Grandchildren with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Motivations and BarriersD'Astous, Valerie A.2012
82 A Selected Review of the Literature Examining a Possible Paradigm Shift in Long-term Care: How the Training of CNAs is Evolving Due to Culture Change and TechnologyHewson, Julie2012
83 The Development of a Nutritional Education Program for Caregivers of Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Alzheimer's DiseaseDavidson, Hannah2012
84 In Sickness and in Health-Marriage and Caregiving: A Proposed Workshop for Future and Current Spousal CaregiversEgbert, David L.2012
85 Pocketbook in Dermatogeriatrics: An Innovative and Practical Geriatric Dermatology ReferenceWong, Jillian Wahmei2012
86 Age Friendly Sustainable Communities: Aging in Place with CohousingFrick, Janet2012
87 Hospice Nurses in Utah: A Qualitative Study of Their View on Hospice Nursing Philosophy and PracticeRidley, Tracy Carol2012
88 As Demography and Disease Converge: Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders, A Proposal for a College-Level Interdisclinary CourseMadsen, Nancy L.2013
89 Personal Enrichment in Later Life Through the Creative Learning ExperienceTolman, Kim Allen2013
90 Working Toward Strategies to Include Geriatric Professionals in the Health Care of Older Adults Living in Utah: The Need to Serve a Growing Aging PopulationWilliams, Michelle Ferry2013
91 Support Group Participation and Its Relationship to Caregiver Burden and Quality of Sleep Among CaregiversKetcher, Linnea2014
92 Insomnia in Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Assessment of VA/DoD Clinical GuidelinesApplegate, Carla2014
93 Self-Efficacy of Caregivers of Individuals with DementiaNewkirk, Amaris S.2014
94 Assessing Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Among Racial and Ethnic Population Groups in Salt Lake CityMugiraneza, Frederic2014
95 Examining Healthy U's Dual Eligible Population as Part of an Accountable Care OrganizationJackson, Natalie A.2014
96 Vital Involvement and the Baby-Boomer Cohort: A New Approach to Eldercare within Assisted Living FacilitiesTripp, Jennifer Marie2015
97 Metamorphosis of Ethical Wills to Legacy TreasuresWilson, Patricia2015
98 Intergenerational Ties: Dispelling Ageism Through EducationJensen, Robert2015
99 Advancing Culture Change in Long-Term CareScott, Sarah P.S.2015
100 A Proposal for Improving Community-Based Aging Services in Beijing, China: Toward a Hybrid ModelLi, Yumeng2015
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