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76 Felt Building, various sections, bearing beams1909-04-10uum_rkdImage
77 Felt Building, section elevation and detail of main stairway1909-04-10uum_rkdImage
78 Felt Building, detail of main stair. and suspended ceiling1909-04-10uum_rkdImage
79 Felt Building, various stair sections and plans1909-04-10uum_rkdImage
80 Felt Building, roof plan, showing higher part1909-04-10uum_rkdImage
81 Felt Building, rear elevation and cross section1909-04-10uum_rkdImage
82 Felt Building, roof plan, showing lower part1909-04-10uum_rkdImage
83 Felt Building, plan of first floor1909-07-23uum_rkdImage
84 Felt Building, section and plans for stairs1909-04-10uum_rkdImage
85 Felt Building, longitudinal and half sections1909-04-10uum_rkdImage
86 Felt Building, interior columns and anchors1909-04-10uum_rkdImage
87 Felt Building, typical floor plan1909; 1910; 1911; 1912; 1913; 1914uum_rkdImage
88 Felt Building, third, fourth, fifth, sixth floors, and roof plans1909-04-10uum_rkdImage
76 - 100 of 88