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76 Letter of Ben Holladay to Brigham Young, 18751875-07-19Text
77 Letters of Willard Young, 1874-19201874; 1875; 1876; 1920Text
78 Letters of Mary Young and others1836-01-10; 1838-01-12; 1873-01-15Text
79 Two letters of Augusta Cobb to Brigham Young1867-08-01; 1868-04-11Text
80 Three letters of George A. Smith to Seth M. Blair1862-05-28; 1863-02-07; 1863-09-01Text
81 Letter of T.F. Carlisle to Brigham Young, 18691869-02-22Text
82 Letter from David O. Calder to Brigham Young, dated July 16, 18691869-07-16Text
83 Two letters of Carlos Young to his father, Brigham Young1876-01-09; 1876-04-02Text
84 Letter of James and Frances Wallwork to Brigham Young1841-09-16Text
85 Letters of Feramorz Young to his father, Brigham Young1874; 1876Text
86 Letters to George E. Blair1885-03-13; 1905-05-24Text
87 Correspondence of George E. Blair to George Washington Thatcher, Jr. and Relatives1883; 1901Text
88 Utah Southern Railroad Company resolution to issue bonds1871-06-05Text
89 Three letters to Brigham Young1875-09-24; 1876-06-03; 1876-11-02Text
90 Two letters of John W. Young, 1872, 18761872-02-08; 1876-05-19Text
91 Two letters from Brigham Young, 18761876-06-03; 1876-12-11Text
92 Letters of Nellie Thatcher Blair to George E. Blair, 1890-18991890; 1899Text
93 Two letters of Jacob Peart to his wife1858-02-15; 1856-11-13Text
94 Invitation to Young family reunion1895-05-08Text
95 Letters of Sarah Jane Foster Blair to her son George E. Blair1881Text
96 Letter of C.H. Wilcken to Brigham Young1876-07-25Text
97 Land deeds of Brigham Young1844; 1877Text
98 Letter of Ebenezer and George Brooks1880-10-06Text
99 Letters of Luna Young Thatcher to George W. Thatcher, 1869-18701869; 1870Text
100 Four letters to Brigham Young from relatives1874; 1876Text
76 - 100 of 159