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76 Letter from Shamira Young to her father, Brigham Young1876-05-18uum_ptbfText
77 Two letters from Brigham Young, 18761876-06-03; 1876-12-11uum_ptbfText
78 Two letters of Brigham Young from Kanab, Utah1876-06-20uum_ptbfText
79 Letter of Albert K. Thurber and William C. Seegmiller to Brigham Young1876-07-25uum_ptbfText
80 Letter of C.H. Wilcken to Brigham Young1876-07-25uum_ptbfText
81 Two letters to Brigham Young regarding his house in Gunnison1876-08-03; 1876-08-08uum_ptbfText
82 Letter of M.M. Young to his father, Brigham Young1876-08-23uum_ptbfText
83 Letter of Rudger Clawson to George W. Thatcher1876-09-05uum_ptbfText
84 Two letters of Alfales Young1876-10-02; 1902-05-19uum_ptbfText
85 Letter from Richard W. Young to George Reynolds1876-10-10uum_ptbfText
86 Letter of Thomas C. Thomas to Brigham Young1876-11-09uum_ptbfText
87 Letter of Susa Young Dunford to her father, Brigham Young1877-05-08uum_ptbfText
88 Correspondence of Nellie Thatcher Blair and sisters1878; 1919uum_ptbfText
89 Letter of John Tobin to Mary Ann Angell Young1878-04-15uum_ptbfText
90 Two documents addressed to Mary Ann Angell Young1879-12-20; 1882-03-18uum_ptbfText
91 Letter of Luna Young Thatcher to her mother, Mary Ann Angell Young, 18801880uum_ptbfText
92 Summons to Young family from 3rd District Court1880uum_ptbfText
93 Letters of Luna Young Thatcher to Nellie Thatcher Blair1880; 1903-04-04uum_ptbfText
94 Letters of Virginia Mary Thatcher Spencer1880-08-04; 1881-01-13; 1883-01-20; 1883-11-08uum_ptbfText
95 Letter of Ebenezer and George Brooks1880-10-06uum_ptbfText
96 Letters of Alice Young Thatcher Hopkins to her grandmother, Mary Ann Angell Young1880-11-02; 1881-12-22uum_ptbfText
97 Letter of Brigham Spencer Young to his grandmother1880-11-19uum_ptbfText
98 Letters to Nellie Thatcher Blair from relatives1881uum_ptbfText
99 Letters of George E. Blair to Nellie Thatcher1881; 1885uum_ptbfText
100 Letters of Sarah Jane Foster Blair to her son George E. Blair1881uum_ptbfText
76 - 100 of 159