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76 Eared Grebe distant 1011022010-11-02uu_wssSound
77 Eared Grebe flapping and skimming across water 1011022010-11-02uu_wssSound
78 Earthworms 1009132010-09-13uu_wssSound
79 Eared Grebe distant with noise 1011022010-11-02uu_wssSound
80 Northern Grasshopper Mouse with noise filteringuu_wssSound
81 American Bison herd Antelope Island 101102 d2010-11-02uu_wssSound
82 Horned Lark 22003-05-29uu_wssSound
83 Least terns evening disturbed2003-05-29uu_wssSound
84 Least Tern close passes2003-05-29uu_wssSound
85 Horned Lark 32003-05-29uu_wssSound
86 House Wren 0907142009-07-14uu_wssSound
87 American Bison herd Antelope Island 101102 a2010-11-02uu_wssSound
88 Canvasback wings 1011022010-11-02uu_wssSound
89 American Bison herd Antelope Island 101102 c2010-11-02uu_wssSound
90 Least terns2003-05-29uu_wssSound
91 Unidentified chipmunk or squirrel in Washington state 0806122008-06-12uu_wssSound
92 Field cricket and American Bison on Antelope Island 1011022010-11-02uu_wssSound
93 Mexican freetailed bats with noise filtering2005-07-16uu_wssSound
94 Mice in barn faint squeaks 1009042010-09-04uu_wssSound
95 Waves on the shore of the Great Salt Lake 1011022010-11-02uu_wssSound
96 Mouse in barn faint squeaks 1009042010-09-04uu_wssSound
97 Interview with Dr. Hayward Spangler on the subject of tapping beetlesuu_wssSound
98 Unidentified Townsend's Chipmunk or Douglas's Squirrel in Washington state 0806132008-06-13uu_wssSound
99 Woodhouse's Toad release call 1006032010-06-03uu_wssSound
100 Treasure Island, Washington (May 2005) 12005-05-01uu_wssSound
76 - 100 of 2,639