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76 Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs - 19131913Text
77 Letter from Indian Agent Boyce to Superintendent Forney dated December 15, 18591959-12-15Image/StillImage
78 Letter to Utah Superintendent Jacob Forney from Indian Agent Boyce dated October 31, 18581858-10-31Image/StillImage
79 Garland Hurt to Brigham Young, March 31, 18561856-03-31Text
80 An Account of Indian Raids in 1855 William F. Rigby, UndatedText
81 Letter to Brigham Young about an incident involving Chief Walker and Arrowpeen and a Mormon Settler, November 17, 18561856-11-17Text
82 Letter from Peter Mayhan to Brigham Young, August 27, 18591859-08-27Text
83 Letter from George Q. Cannon to Orson Hyde, April 25, 18661866-04-25Text
84 Letter from A. Hickman to Brigham Young. July 13, 18541954-07-13Text
85 Letter from James McClelan to Brigham Young, June 25, 18541854-06-25Text
86 Letter to Brigham Young to discuss Indian opposition to the Railroad, August 11, 18691867-08-11Text
87 Letter from John L. Blythe to Brigham Young, April 8, 18741874-04-08Image/StillImage
88 Letter from L.P. Hoyt to Brigham Young regarding the Gunnison Massacre dated November 19, 18551855-11-19Text
89 Letter from Peter Mayhan to Brigham Young, July 26, 18601860-07-26Text
90 Letter to Brigham Young discussing the interactions of Southern Utah Mormon settlers and Navajo Indians, May 20, 18741874-05-20Image/StillImage
91 Letter from Peter Mayhan to Brigham Young, June 3, 18591859-06-03Text
92 Letter from Chandler Holbrook to Brigham Young February 16, 18521852-02-16Text
93 Letter from N. Higgins to Brigham Young, Fort Manti, July 8, 18541854-07-08Text
94 Letter to Hector C. Haight from D. H. Wells, November 11, 18501850-11-11Text
95 Letter from John D. Lee to Brigham Young, May 11, 18541854-05-11Text
96 Letter from Brigham Young to William J. Cop dated December 4, 18571857-12-04Text
97 Letter from Peter Maughan to Brigham Young, May 29, 18661866-05-29Text
98 The Journal of Mosiah Lyman Hancock: 1852-1862Text
99 Letter from D Moore to Brigham Young, November 23, 18541854-11-23Text
100 Letter from James M. Monroe to Brigham Young briefly discussing Utah's Indian Agent, March 22, 18511851-03-22Text
76 - 100 of 8,490