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76 Surface image selfLindsay, MarjorieThe work in my Master of Fine Arts show consists of seven large oil paintings on a paper structure with collage, twelve mixed-media prints, and three mixed-media drawings. I have moved away from making art based on perceptual experience of the environment toward work that derives from my persona...Art/Art History1996-06
77 Surface...ingZimmer, Cristin ElizabethWhat happens inside our minds is often just as important as what transpires in the natural world. These private thoughts, feelings, emotions and ambitions are crucial in forming our being. Although difficult to access and sometimes accept, these fragments that make up our psyche can be contradictor...Art/Art History2010-07
78 Survival skills: art and video installations at the Fort Douglas theatreHarding, Elaine S.This thesis reflects the six pieces developed as resident artist at a Salt Lake City inner-city elementary school. They cover a broad spectrum which include empathy, awareness, devotion, wonderment and transformation. Evidently the creative process is imperative to producing higher-order thinking ...Art/Art History1998-08
79 Swimming in the gene poolGillett, Eric A.Swimming in the Gene Pool is a creative project that applies specific concepts observed in genet­ics towards developing a working graphic design methodology. The methods, based on four types of genetic mutation that occur in nature, include duplication, deletion, translocation and inver­sio...Art/Art History2003-08
80 SymbiosisDewitte, ElizabethWe have arrived at a point where we, as a community, must reconsider our relationship with the Earth. Our impending growth and the resulting environmental destruction is an issue that must be re-evaluated and focused upon in our everyday lives. As an illustrator, I have set out to create work that ...Art/Art History2000-12
81 Symbolic duality computer animationYeom, Hee-KyungThe thesis project is an approximately ten-minute-long animation, produced through the use of computers and edited with sound. The animated story is about ancient Toaism and points out that these ancient ideas still dominate the people's life and belief. This project is motivated by the commonalit...Art/Art History2001-05
82 The symbolic image and its relation to Christianity and morality in contemporary paintingHoeft, David WilliamWeakening moral standards and the increasing speed and distractions of contemporary life have contributed to the diminished capacity of individuals within Western society to feel and comprehend more deeply. The scales of available information are tipped to the sensual, inconsequential and commercial...Art/Art History2002-08
83 TailingsLarkin, Vincent StuartThis paper describes the research leading up to and a description o f the MFA thesis exhibit titled "Tailings." The exhibit addresses the increasing saturation o f our environment with pollutants, toxins, and manufacturing waste through sculptural work that contains or represents the physical ...Art/Art History2008-05
84 TapisseriesPrevot, Meredith Louise MaynesPatterns appear throughout the history of visual art. It is on printed or woven cloth that these patterns are most ubiquitous, and at the same time, least noticed. Over the past few years, textile design and decorative arts patterning have become a significant interest in my artwork, especially the ...Art/Art History2007-12
85 Thesis_Final
86 TimepiecesDow, ValarieThis work involves my exploration of the beauty of places and objects which contain a human history and illustrates my interest in the passing of time. I illustrate this with the use of reflective surface. I hope to say that our past brings a richness to our present and deserves honor. The compil...Art/Art History1999-12
87 Tom Betts & ephemeral realismBetts, Thomas JohnAs Tom Betts researches his ontology through the creative act of art a hyperrealist oil painting is produced that alludes to society's consumption of time in an age where temporal states of awareness and interaction are governed by technology. He uses the subject of a teacup, a family heirloom that ...Art/Art History2010-05-05
88 Toward figurative expressionismKasicharemvat, VeeraThe paintings selected for my M.F.A. show evolved during the last year of my graduate study. These paintings were a result of my continual search for the life force or essence of the object through the immediacy of paint. The four monotypes and four series of paintings represented a consid...Art/Art History2002-08
89 The ultimate American icon is the astronaut: who is more heroic or more alone?Rice, AndrewMy work is about the human condition and specifically about loneliness and melancholy. Who or what is the subject of that loneliness? While I believe in most art as stemming from yourself, from within and somewhat autobiographical, I am confident that I am commenting on people and humanity as a who...Art/Art History2012-12
90 Van Chu photographic brushstrokeChu, VanPhotographic Brushstroke, a term that has been an oxymoron, is no longer. Being a visual artist is in many ways like being a singer, if you sound like everyone else then why even bother singing. If you go to my exhibition with a predetermination of what photography is, you will not find a single ...Art/Art History2010-05
91 Watson_Thesis_Final_with_portfolio
92 Where things belongGawle, Benjamin JosephThe following is a written account supporting the sculptures in my MFA Thesis Exhibition. Each piece consists of ceramic objects along with ceramic containers to house such objects. These containers protect, present, and preserve the objects in an organized way. The containers are also labe...Art/Art History2006-06
93 Wolfenbuttel Sachsenspiegel: a codicological and pictorial examination of a mnemonic morrorJoyner, Daniell BethThe Wolfenbiittel Sachsenspiegel is a fourteenth-century German lawbook containing the territorial and feudal laws of Saxony. Its pages display two columns with the legal text on the right and the multi-colored images on the left. In this study I explore how the images supplemented the text, and ...Art/Art History1998-08
94 Woodfired ceramicsChristiansen, EricThis project is a study of the woodfired ceramic process. It is a personal journey that brought me back to the potters wheel in search of forms that could best respond to the effects of the flame and ash. A desire to recreate the elements typical in extended multiple day fires led me to find meth...Art/Art History1996-06
95 You are here: visualizing Provo agriculture an MFA community-based art education final projectLofgreen, CarlynAs an undergraduate student, I was consistently taught that art was anything that was in a museum or gallery. Art was a commodity to be bought and sold, and while the artist could derive pleasure from the making of it, art was in the end purely aesthetic and unattached to the mundane task of daily ...Art/Art History
96 Zan artYamanashi, KeikoThis world in which we live changes blindingly fast, never stopping. Photography is the only method for me to grab a moment in time and to leave it to posterity as a record of truth. There are nowadays many photographers who do not take photographs of objects as they are but who add special effec...Art/Art History2004-12
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