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76 Rodriguez, Erik Saturnino GamezAnalysis and Implementation of Spatial Filters in the Quasi-Static Regime with Applications to Wireless Power TransferMore than a century ago, in his labs in Colorado Springs and New York, Nikola Tesla started experimenting with wireless power transfer (WPT). His ideas were ahead of his time, but they fell into obscurity shortly after his death. Nowadays, WPT is no longer thought of as science fiction: neural prost...Electrical engineering; Electromagnetics2017
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83 Brown, Claudia CisneirosValidation of Beta-Glucosidase Activity Assay in LeukocytesGaucher disease (GD) is an autosomal recessive disorder caused by deficiency of the lysosomal hydrolase glucocerebrosidase (GBA) (EC, required for the degradation of glycosphingolipids. In Gaucher disease, as a result of GBA deficiency, the body is unable to breakdown glucocerebroside, thu...2016-05
84 Tianero, Ma. Diarey B.Symbiosis Driven Variation and Supply of Natural ProductsDrug discovery and development from marine invertebrates has been fraught with two key problems, namely, the variability of occurrence and limited supply. Bacteria in symbiosis with marine invertebrates have been shown to produce most bioactive natural products isolated from these organisms, and thu...2015-12
85 Bui, Duy Duc anComputer-Aided Approaches to Enhance Systematic Review DevelopmentMedical knowledge learned in medical school can become quickly outdated given the tremendous growth of the biomedical literature. It is the responsibility of medical practitioners to continuously update their knowledge with recent, best available clinical evidence to make informed decisions about pa...2016-05
86 Jacobs, Jason RichardEvlaution of Computerized Notifications for Laboratory Monitoring of Postliver Transplant Immunosupressive CareFollowing liver transplantation, patients require lifelong immunosuppressive care and monitoring to prevent organ rejection, drug toxicity, and death. Traditionally, transplant centers use paper-based processes that are not scalable and can lead to inefficiencies and deficiencies in information mana...2016-05
87 Olson, Kristofor AksamitMitochondrial Pyruvate Metabolism in Cancer and Stem Cells of the Colon EpitheliumThe study of metabolism is fundamental to understanding the basis of disease. Subtle differences in metabolites, and shunting of molecules from one pathway to another can have profound effects on cellular physiology. In the case of cancer cells this metabolic balance is often severely disrupted. Man...2016-05
88 Jud, Molly ChristineJun Signaling During Drosophila DevelopmentJun N-terminal kinase (JNK) signaling is a key modulator of development and disease in all multicellular organisms. One process in which the consequences of both gain and loss of JNK signaling can be monitored is embryonic dorsal closure (DC) in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. DC occurs midw...2016-05
89 Zhou, ZeminAntigen Presentation Function of Type-1 Diabetes Associated HLA-DQ MoleculesAutoreactive CD4+ T cells initiate the autoimmune disease Type-1 diabetes (T1D). Expression of DQ2, DQ8, and DQ2/8 trans-dimers are highly prevalent in T1D. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms are poorly understood. HLA-DM is essential for editing peptides bound to Major Histocompatibility ...2016-05
90 Robertson, Jam,es C.Molecular Dynamics Simulations of DNA: Force Field Evaluation and Backbone Substate Dynamics in Free and Protein-Bound DNAComputer simulations of biomolecules can provide insight into biological structure and dynamics at the atomic level. For simulations to be accurate and reliable, the underlying force eld that describes that system has to tested and assessed against experimental values. Evaluating the latest AMBER n...2016-05
91 Wheeler, Eunice LouiseFemale labor force participation : Economic and religious trends in Utah, 1940-1970.The problem.--This thesis compares the trend in Utah female labor force participation with the trend in religious values concerning that participation, as expressed by the leaders of the dominant religion in Utah (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). The time period studied is 1940-1970. Th...Women -- Employment -- Utah Mormon women; Women in the Mormon Church1974
92 Stanley, Melissa Sue MillamThe development of the confused flour beetle : T̲r̲i̲b̲o̲l̲i̲u̲m̲ c̲o̲n̲f̲u̲s̲u̲m̲ DuvalThis dissertation provides an evaluation of Tribolium confusum Duval (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae) for studies in insect development and as a represent insect for this and other types of studies. In addition to a description of the embryogeny, cogent aspects of reproduction, experimental studies, and ...Confused flour beetle; Beetles1965
93 Saul, William EmmettA Descriptive catalogue of the trees and larger woody shrubs of Utah Based on the anatomy of the woodThere are several keys for the identification of the wood of commercial timbers of the United States, but non for the woody shrubs of any particular geographical area with the exception of one covering thirty-eight species from northern Utah (Saul 1952).Trees; Utah Shrubs; Utah1955
94 Raty, Lawrence K.The Army ROTC instructor at the University of Utah.Recent controversy en the nation's college campuses has focused the attention of the American people on the Reserve Officers Training Program and the role it plays in providing commissioned officers for the armed forces of the United States. Caught up in the midst of this controversy is the AROTC In...United States. Army. Reserve Officers' Training Corps1970
95 Myers, Drewfus Young Jr.Chemical reactions of some non-aromatic radical anions.The chemical behavior of some nonaromatic radical anions was investigated by optimizing their lifetimes using inverse metalammonia reduction techniques. By varying reaction conditions such as substrate concentration, proton source, reaction temperature, counter ion, and solvent it was possible to sh...Radicals (Chemistry)1974
96 Kotter, Bruce LamontAn ecological natural history of the white-faced ibis (P̲l̲e̲g̲a̲d̲i̲s̲ c̲h̲i̲h̲i̲) in northern Utah.The White-faced Lbis, Plegadis chihi, was studied from March, 1969 to October, 1969 at Farmington Bay, Utah. The study focused on the breeding biology of the species because little was known about this aspect of the birds' natural history.Ibises; Water birds; Birds; Eggs Birds; Nest1970
97 Graaff, Kent Marshall Van DeComparative osteology of the skunks of the world.The phylogeny of Mustelidae is not well known because of rapid adaptive radiation within the group and a poor fossil record because of their habitats in dense forests. Phylogenetic affinities and sequences must therefore be established from anatomical specializations and modifications of various mem...Skunks; Skeleton1969
98 Jensen, Steven LeroyThe may flies of Idaho (Ephemeroptera) V.2Of the more than 2,000 species of Ephemeroptera in the world, about 600 species are known from North America, north of Mexico. In those states where the mayfly fauna has been studied the number of species reported per state varied from 48 to 126.Mayflies -- Idaho1966
99 Jensen, Steven LeroyThe may flies of Idaho (Ephemeroptera) v.1Of the more than 2,000 species of Ephemeroptera in the world, about 600 species are known from North America, north of Mexico. In those states where the mayfly fauna has been studied the number of species reported per state varied from 48 to 126.Mayflies -- Idaho1966
100 Balen, John Adrianus vanPlant cover types of the upper Bear River drainage, Utah.The primary objective of this thesis is the cartographic representation of the dominant plant cover types, and a spatial interpretation of the zonal community types , within the upper Bear River drainage. The upper Bear River drainage is located within the western section of the Uinta Mountains, Uta...Vegetation mapping1973
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