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76 Vigabatrin and Visual LossZackon, David H; Guberman, Alan H; Racette, Lyne; Gupta, Sanjoy KNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
77 Pediatric Pseudotumor Cerebri: Relationship of Age and ObesityBalcer, Laura J; Liu, Grant T; Maguire, Maureen G; Volpe, Nicolas J; Galetta, Steven LNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
78 A Multiple Sclerosis-Like Illness in a Man Harboring the LHOM 14484 MutationBhatti, M Tariq; Newman, Nancy JNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
79 Preliminary Assessment of a New, Portable Pupillometer as a Diagnostic AidPlotkin, Elizabeth S; Volpe, Nicolas J; Maguire, Maureen G; Mansakani, SSNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
80 Scoring of Scotomas with a Universal Method and Its Reproducibility against Fast Thresholding Algorhythms (FASTPAC and SITA) in Optic NeuropathyMutlukan, ErkanNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
81 Use of Cabergoline in ProlactinomasFierz, Anna B; Kaufman, David I; Lee, Andrew G; Eggenberger, Eric R; Friend, Keith ENANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
82 Is There a Preferential Side Involvement in Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy?Bianchi-Marzoli, Stefania; Ciasca, Paola; Sadun, Federico F; Brancato, RosarioNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
83 Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Assessed by Sweep Visual Evoked Potential TestingVives, Tere; Levin, Lori B; Feldon, Steven ENANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
84 Comparison of Risk Factors For Non-Arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy in Young and Older IndividualsWarner, Judith EA; Digre, Kathleen B; Scott, M; Millar, Bryce W; Jacobson, Daniel M; Purvin, Valerie A; Martin, Timothy JNANOS 1998: Platform Presentations (Session I)
85 Further Observations on the Representation of the Visual Field in the Occipital Cortex Using Functional MRIMcFadzen, Robert M; Condon, Barrie C; Barr, Dai B; Dai, Dongyong; Hadley, Donald MNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
86 Pituitary Tumors Invading the OrbitNewman, Steven A; Charley, John A; Lopes, M Beatriz; Gonzalez-Fernandez, FedericoNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
87 Congenital Unilateral Absence of the Third Cranial Nerve - MRI SignsCarlow, Thomas J; Hart, Blaine L; Smith, PNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
88 Ocular Misalignment after Cataract SurgeryGolnik, Karl C; West, Constance E; Cionni, Robert C; Kaye, ElaineNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
89 4.0 TESLA MR Imaging of Brainstem Lesions with Ocular Motility DeficitsPelak, Victoria S; Liu, Grant T; Galetta, Steven L; Butler, Norman; Stein, Alan; Bolinger, LizannNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
90 Angiographic Findings in Arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic NeuropathySadun, Federico F; Pece, Alfredo; Bianchi-Marzoli, Stefania; Brancato, RosarioNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
91 Motion Perimetry in Optic NeuropathiesWall, Michael H; Kawasaki, AkiNANOS 1998: Platform Presentations (Session I)
92 Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Associated with Chronic Renal Failure and Dialysis in Young PatientsArnold, Anthony C; Nusair, MaaniNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
93 Brain MRI and Xenon CT in Occipital Lobe IscemiaFelton, Warren L; Laine, Fred JNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
94 Ophthalmoplegic Migraine with Unusual FeaturesO'Halloran, Henry S; Lee, W Barry; Baker, Robert S; Pearson, P AndrewNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
95 Non-Migraneous Visual HallucinationSharma, Kumudini; Wahi, JatinderNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
96 Improving Peripheral Awareness Through the Use of Sectorial Hemianopic LensesLee, Andrew G; Perez, Ana MNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
97 Diplopia in Giant Cell ArteritisLee, Adnrew G; Brilakis, HartiloisNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
98 Analysis of Markers Related Thrombophilia in Patients with Non Arteritic Ischemic Optic NeuropathyHuna-Baron, Ruth; Salomon, Ophira; Kurtz, Shimon; Yassur, Iftach; Moisseive, Joseph; Seligsohn, UriNANOS 1998: Platform Presentations (Session I)
99 Trochlear Neuromyotonia: Oculographic Documentation of the DisorderMorrow, Mark J; Kalafut, Mary A; Arnold, Anthony CNANOS 1998: Poster Presentations (Session I)
100 Spontaneous Regression of Eight Optic Gliomas Documented by Serial MR ScansParsa, Cameron F; Lesser, Robert L; Hoyt, Creig S; Weinstein, Joel M; Strother, Charles M; Muci-Mendoza, Rafael; Ramella, Marcos; Manor, Riri S; Fletcher, William A; Hoyt, William FNANOS 1998: Platform Presentations (Session I)
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