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76 M 1. Macular Update (1)Macula; Retina; FoveaSound
77 09. Optic Nerve DiseaseTilted DiscSound
78 67. Lid Position in NeurologyEyelid position abnormalitiesSound
79 32. Optician Gems (2)Ocular and Neurologic Examinations; Neuro-Ophthalmology HistorySound
80 31. Some N-O GemsOcular and Neurologic Examinations; Neuro-Ophthalmology HistorySound
81 30. Optician GemsOcular and Neurologic Examinations; Neuro-Ophthalmology HistorySound
82 54. Horner's SyndromePtosis; miosis; anhidrosis; otogenic Horner syndrome; gradenigo syndrome; cocaine test; Raeder's paratrigeminal syndrome; vidian neuralgiaSound
83 53. Exposure Keratitis & other GemsEssential blepharospasm, exposure keratitis, lag ophthalmus, punctate keratitis, contact lens, blepharoplasty, bullous keratopathy, Shirmer's test, factitious meningitis, orbital apex syndrome, central retinal artery occlusion, Wegner's granulomatosisSound
84 05. Thyroid Eye DiseaseThyroid orbitopathy; thyroid ophthalmopathy; Restriction Syndromes; Thyroid Eye Disease; Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy; Blow-Out FractureSound
85 A 16. Blood Supply of the BrainNeuroanatomy; Cerebral blood supply, Circle of Willis, Vertebral artery, Internal carotid artery; Sixth Cranial Nerve DiseaseSound
86 52. Downbeat Nystagmus & the Hereditary AtaxiasDownbeat Nystagmus; Hereditary Ataxias; vertical nystagmus; tremor; gait disturbance; gait ataxia; progressive or familial spinocerebellar ataxia; olivocerebellar degeneration; cystoid macular edema; spastic gait; degenerative retinitis pigmentosa; Ataxia telangiectasia; Frederick's ataxia; optic at...Sound
87 01. The Neuro-Ophthalmologic ExamOcular and neurologic examinations; history; visual acuity; visual field; pupil; strabismus; syphilisSound
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