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76 Supporting scalable data analytics on large linked dataLinked data are the de-facto standard in publishing and sharing data on the web. To date, we have been inundated with large amounts of ever-increasing linked data in constantly evolving structures. The proliferation of the data and the need to access and harvest knowledge from distributed data sourc...Database systems; Linked data; Query optimization; Query rewriting; RDF; SPARQL2013-12
77 Syntactic extension for languages with implicitly delimited and infix syntaxI present the design of a parser that adds Scheme-style language extensibility to languages with implicitly delimited and infix syntax. A key element of my design is an enforestation parsing step, which converts a flat stream of tokens into an S-expression-like tree, in addition to the initial "read...extensible; macros; programming languages2013-05
78 Testing and exposing weak graphics processing unit memory modelsGraphics Processing Units (GPUs) are highly parallel shared memory microprocessors, and as such, they are prone to the same concurrency considerations as their traditional multicore CPU counterparts. In this thesis, we consider shared memory consistency, i.e. what values can be read when issued conc...GPU; Litmus tests; Memory consistency2014-12
79 Toward a Mathermatical Theory of PerceptionA new technique for the modelling of perceptual systems called formal modelling is developed. This technique begins with qualitative observations aout the perceptual system, the so-called perceptual symmetries, to obtain through mathematical analysis certain model structures which may then be calibr...1979
80 Towards the theory and practice of verifying visualizationsIn this dissertation, we advance the theory and practice of verifying visualization algorithms. We present techniques to assess visualization correctness through testing of important mathematical properties. Where applicable, these techniques allow us to distinguish whether anomalies in visualizatio...Isosurface extraction; Medical imaging; Verifiable visualization; Verification; Visualization; Volume rendering2013-08
81 Upper limb rehabilitation of stroke patients using Kinect and computer gamesStroke is a leading cause of death and adult disability in the United States. Survivors lose abilities that were controlled by the affected area of the brain. Rehabilitation therapy is administered to help survivors regain control of lost functional abilities. The number of sessions that stroke surv...Kinect; Low-cost; Stroke rehabilitation2012-08
82 Using autotuning for accelerating tensor contraction on graphics processing units (GPUS)Tensors are mathematical representations of physical entities that have magnitude with multiple directions. Tensor contraction is a form of creating these objects using the Einstein summation equation. It is commonly used in physics and chemistry for solving problems like spectral elements and coupl...Autotuning; Gpu; Tensor contraction2014-12
83 Using sparse parametrization of deformation fields as means to classificationLarge Deformation Di eomorphic Metric Mapping is a powerful technique which has been used to quantify variations in anatomical structures in medical images. This allows us to compare various images within and across a populations of classes using the underlying deformation eld which maps each image...Atlas Estimation; Classification; Diffeomorphic Deformation; LDDMM; Optimization; Registration2013-05
84 The utilization of procedure models in digital image synthesisMany algorithms have been developed for synthesizing shaded images of three dimensional objects modeled by computer. In spite of widely differing approaches the current state of the art algorithms are surprisingly similar with respect to the richness of the scenes they can process. One attribute the...Surfaces; Representation of Algorithms1975
85 Visual Exploration of High-Dimensional Spaces Through Identification, Summarization, and Interpretation of Two-Dimensional ProjectionsWith the ever-increasing amount of available computing resources and sensing devices, a wide variety of high-dimensional datasets are being produced in numerous fields. The complexity and increasing popularity of these data have led to new challenges and opportunities in visualization. Since most d...Computer science2017
86 Visualizing intrinsic isosurface variation due to uncertainty through heat kernel signaturesIt is common to extract isosurfaces from simulation eld data to visualize and gain understanding of the underlying physical phenomenon being simulated. As the input parameters of the simulation change, the resulting isosurface varies, and there has been increased interest in quantifying and visuali...Computational geometry; Computer graphics; Data analysis; Numerical simulation; Shape analysis; Uncertainty visualization2013-12
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