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76 Zia Pueblo Agriculture and Water Use Through the Centuries: Plaintiff's Footnotes 1-371987-02wwdl_nehText
77 Plundering the Pueblo Indians1923-01wwdl_nehText
78 Letter, Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant to John Collier, 1933 (Copy)1933wwdl_nehText
79 Statement by Zuni Religious Leaders on Kolhu/wala:wa1984-04-03wwdl_nehText
80 Interview Notes, Duane Dishta, June 27, 19861986-06-27wwdl_nehText
81 Agricultural History of Zia Pueblo: the American period, 1846-19361987-02wwdl_nehText
82 Zuni Religion and World View1979wwdl_nehText
83 Twentieth Century Zuni Political and Economic Development in Relation to Federal Indian Policy1988wwdl_nehText
84 Public Law 95-280, May 15, 19781978-05-15wwdl_nehText
85 Zuni Social and Political Organization1979wwdl_nehText
86 Barry C. Saunders memorandum, November 19, 1992, re: 7-state/Indian meeting1992-11-19wwdl_nehText
87 Zuni Water Use at Kolhu/wala:wa1990-08-23wwdl_nehText
88 Letter, John Collier to the Editor of Indian Truth, dated November 2, 19241924-11-02wwdl_nehText
89 Wells Hydro-electric development, Columbia River, Washington: Detail map of project area1957-07wwdl_nehText
90 Statements Made by Missionaries In Zuni Pueblo May 9-10, 1924 [Excerpt]1924-05wwdl_nehText
91 Bill for flooding tribal land: $950 million: Colvilles resubmit claim for PUD compensationwwdl_nehText
92 The Acquisition of Allotment MA-20 By the Public Utility Districts of Chelan and Douglas Counties2003-10-03wwdl_nehText
93 Wells Dam Project: Acquisition of Colville Indian Reservation land1959; 1960; 1964; 1965; 1966; 1967; 1968; 1974; 2003wwdl_nehText
94 Zuni Religion and Philosophy1986wwdl_nehText
95 Zuni Katcinas [Excerpt]1932wwdl_nehText
96 Historic Farming and Irrigated Lands of the Pueblo of Santa Ana1987-02wwdl_nehText
97 Religious Significance of Kolhu/wala:wa to the Zuni Peoplewwdl_nehText
98 American Congo1923-08wwdl_nehText
99 Agricultural History of Jemez Pueblo: the American period, 1500 to 18451987-02wwdl_nehText
100 Principales Speak1923-02-07wwdl_nehText
76 - 100 of 249