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76 Nurses' attitudes and beliefs regarding AIDS and patients with AIDS1988-06Text
77 Nursing diagnosis: a tool to written care planning1980-12Text
78 Adolescent development of migrant youth1988-12Text
79 Simultaneous comparison of three neonatal pain scales during common newborn intensive care unit procedures1996-12Text
80 Expectant parents: attitudes and decisions about newborn circumcision1982-03Text
81 Recognition of adolescent depression in primary care by nurse- practitioners: a descriptive study1995-06Text
82 Student perceptions regarding contradiction and conflict resolution during the synthesis course1986-12Text
83 Maternal attachment behaviors of adopted and birth infants1987-06Text
84 Patient perspectives on medication regimens for treatment of chronic illnesses in underserved populations2004-05Text
85 Factors affecting postpartum readiness to return to work1985-08Text
86 The Effects of early hospital discharge on maternal and infant outcomes1985-06Text
87 Job satisfaction among intensive care nurses as related to professional growth needs and performance appraisal systems1985-03Text
88 Nurse practitioners' adherence to protocols1982-08Text
89 Effect of pets on spousal bereavement over a two-year period1995-08Text
90 Effect of a multidimensional weight management program for children1985-12Text
91 Compliance among adolescents with asthma: instrument development1998-12Text
92 Prevalence of hepatitis B in childbearing Southeast Asian refugees in the Salt Lake area1985-06Text
93 Reasons people use herbal remedies in conjunction with modern medicine1996-12Text
94 Nursing procedure for fetal heart rate auscultation during labor1968-08Text
95 Back transport of infants from neonatal intensive care units for convalescent care: is it safe?1984-06Text
96 Screening mammogram utilization: free offer versus structured information1994-06Text
97 Characteristics of blood flow velocity in rat skin with alterations in core temperature as measured by laser doppler velocimetry1984-12Text
98 Factors which influence the accuracy of fluid intake and output1964-06Text
99 Satisfaction with hospital discharge planning and the ability of the elderly to cope with activities of daily living in the home setting: bindications for nursing1984-03Text
100 Moderate altitude and myocardial ischemia and infarction1982-06Text
76 - 100 of 601