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51 Orange, red and blue background with a beehive , "BYU" and a spike to the left all inside a circle2022Imagedha_mtaf
52 Large yellow beehive with blue around, a Sego Lily with a bee center and "UTAH" in red at the bottom2022Imagedha_mtaf
53 Yellow, white then red quartered background, bottom quarter has brown, white, orange and red stripes in center is a circle with a bee and the white has a "U"2022Imagedha_mtaf
54 Orange mountains in middle with green-blue ground and "UTAH," clouds around the peaks and sun2022Imagedha_mtaf
55 blue and red background with a white circle center with a beehive inside2022Imagedha_mtaf
56 Blue and yellow background with large "Utah" going down in center and "1896"2022Imagedha_mtaf
57 Green, lime green, blue and purple vertical stripes2022Imagedha_mtaf
58 Red and blue background with a yellow circle in center with white background and a yellow beehive that has a golden spike through2022Imagedha_mtaf
59 Green background with gold beehive in center with red, white and blue stars to either side and "UTAH" in red, white and blue under2022Imagedha_mtaf
60 Blue and red background with an orange arch in the middle, a yellow beehive at the top with a train passing under2022Imagedha_mtaf
61 Blue background with red border and white stars in the corners with a white beehive in center2022Imagedha_mtaf
62 Blue and grey diagonally split background with a yellow beehive in the middle that has a golden spike2022Imagedha_mtaf
63 Blue center background with railroad to the sides, a yellow beehive in center with stars around2022Imagedha_mtaf
64 Red and blue background with darker red circle in center with a yellow beehive inside2022Imagedha_mtaf
65 Mostly blue background with a red trapezoid above the yellow beehive center2022Imagedha_mtaf
66 Orange, yellow and white horizontal stripes2022Imagedha_mtaf
67 Red bottom, top white and left and right blue background, in center is a yellow circle with a yellow beehive and a red star under and the blue has "1847" either side2022Imagedha_mtaf
68 White background with red stripe going from lower left to upper right corners, a brown shape of Utah in center with a yellow beehive2022Imagedha_mtaf
69 Blue background with a yellow circle that has a white background and a red shape of Utah with "UTAH" at the bottom2022Imagedha_mtaf
70 Blue background with a vertical red stripe on either end, and orange beehive in the middle with"1896" under2022Imagedha_mtaf
71 White background with cherries in the middle with "INDUSTRY" top and a beehive below2022Imagedha_mtaf
72 Blue background with crossed skis that have a bee center2022Imagedha_mtaf
73 Blue background with an orange bee in the middle2022Imagedha_mtaf
74 Blue background with yellow and white stripe2022Imagedha_mtaf
75 Blue ground with an orange arch with a beehive under and a bee and Sego Lily to either side2022Imagedha_mtaf
51 - 75 of 649,772