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51 Advancement of Furnace Technology by Highly Preheated Air Combustion and Its Future Evolution1998
52 Advances in Low NOx Residual Oil Firing For Boilers1999
53 Aerodynamics of a Steady Spray Flame in the Near-Injector Region of a Research Furnace by Laser Doppler Velocimetry1989
54 Affect of System Operation on Toxic Air Emissions1990
55 AFRC 2008 international flare consortium update2008
56 AFRC 2009 international flare consortium update2009
57 AFRC 2012 Meeting Agenda2012-09-05
58 Air Pollution Control for Waste to Energy Plants1987
59 Air Regulatory Outlook for Combustion Processes1996
60 Air Staging and Reburning Mechanisms for NOx Abatement in a Laboratory Coal Combustor1991
61 Air Toxic Measurements in Different Model Industrial Applications1999
62 Alloy Selection and Design Considerations for High Temperature Service1989
63 Aluminum Heating Technique Using an Immersion-tube Burner1991
64 American flame research committee (AFRC) international combustion symposium2011Burner retrofits in industrial boilers are an economical solution to achieving lower NOx levels with existing fired equipment. However, designing a next generation ultra-low NOx burner footprint that fits into an existing burner cutout continues to be an industry challenge in many applications. Buil...
65 American Flame Research Committee of the International Flame Research Foundation1984
66 An Analysis of Metal Partitioning in a Hazardous Waste Incineration System1987
67 An Assessment of the Utilization of Coal Oil Mixtures in Firetube Boilers1982
68 An Engineering Model for Pulverized Fuel Combustion Stability1983
69 An Experimental Analysis of Flame Stability of Open Air Diffusion Flames1984
70 An Experimental Study of the Burning Spray of an Unstabilized Synthetic Oil Water Emulsion1984
71 An Experimental Study of the Effects of Natural Gas Composition Variations on Fan Powered Infrared (PIR) Burners1996
72 An Inquiry Into the Fundamental Causes of Incineration Emissions1990
73 An Integrated Cullet/Batch Preheater System for Oxygen-Fuel Fired Glass Furnaces1996
74 An Interpretation of Time-Resolved Oxygen Concentration Measurements in Coal-Burning Fluidized Beds1983
75 An Investigation of Aromatic Derivatives Removal by Regenerative Combustion1998
51 - 75 of 927