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51 Sign enforcing social distance, Macey's grocery store [6]2020-05-01uum_uc19Image
52 Sign, Commonweath Room [2]2020-05-09uum_uc19Image
53 Sign, Commonweath Room [1]2020-05-09uum_uc19Image
54 Curbside pickup, Best Buy electronic store [2]2020-05-09uum_uc19Image
55 Curbside pickup, Best Buy electronic store [1]2020-05-09uum_uc19Image
56 Closure sign, Bauhaus salon2020-05-08uum_uc19Image
57 Chalk art, "We are still alive"2020-05-08uum_uc19Image
58 Window drawings2020-05-08uum_uc19Image
59 Empty shelves due to panic buying2020-05uum_uc19Image
60 Ballot drop box, Salt Lake City Public Library2020-05uum_uc19Image
61 Lawn sign, congratulating class of 2020, Spectrum Academy2020-05uum_uc19Image
62 Closure sign, Wasatch Elementary School2020-05-07uum_uc19Image
63 Lawn sign, congratulating class of 2020, School of the Performing Arts2020-05uum_uc19Image
64 Lawn sign, congratulating class of 2020, Open Classroom2020-05uum_uc19Image
65 Empty streets during rush hour, The Gateway2020-03-24uum_uc19Image
66 Billboard, "Protect Yourself, Healthy Together Beta App"2020-05-01uum_uc19Image
67 Billboard, "Keeping Your Family Safe" handwashing2020-05-01uum_uc19Image
68 McDonald's billboard, "Thank You, Frontline Workers"2020-05-01uum_uc19Image
69 McDonald's sign, delivery options2020-05-01uum_uc19Image
70 Billboard, "COVID-19 Causing Divorces?"2020-05-01uum_uc19Image
71 Social distancing at family barbeque2020-05-16uum_uc19Image
72 Grocery pickup service, Smith's [1]2020-05uum_uc19Image
73 Grocery pickup service, Smith's [2]2020-05uum_uc19Image
74 Social distance hike2020-05uum_uc19Image
75 Poster by local artist, Liberty Park2020-05uum_uc19Image
51 - 75 of 690