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51 Account dated 14 January 1908 of Christian meetings and conversions in Lintsing, China1908-01-14uum_sbtsText
52 Autographs of noted women: how personality is expressed in one's chirographyuum_sbtsText
53 Additional pages from Susan and Ben Sargent guest book, set 31928; 1930uum_sbtsText
54 Asia and adjacent areas [cartographic material]1959-12uum_sbtsText
55 A Reverie (poem by Mame Nesbit Haynes for Mrs. Ida Blochman, 23 December 1932)1932-12-23uum_sbtsText
56 Announcement of annual autumn meeting at Tehsien mission (undated)uum_sbtsText
57 Ardis Hitchcock's notes for Tallmon biography: 1907 eventsuum_sbtsText
58 A Letter about the Kalgan Meetings, February 19081908-02uum_sbtsText
59 Annual report of the Lintsing Memorial Hospital, Lintsing, Shantung, China, 19371938uum_sbtsText
60 A Schoolmaster's letters1934uum_sbtsText
61 Agenda for North China Mission, Tehsien Station's Second Annual Retreat, Saturday, October 24, 19251925-10uum_sbtsText
62 Affidavits certifying Susan Tallmon's completion of coursework, Iowa College1898-09-27; 1898-09-30uum_sbtsText
63 Accounts 1920: Edith C. Tallmon financial records1920uum_sbtsText
64 Articles relating to charity needs in China, 19211921-01-15; 1921-02-23; 1921uum_sbtsText
65 Account of a houseboat trip on the Grand Canal near Pei Tai He, China1906uum_sbtsText
66 Ardis Hitchcock notes identifying books on Chinauum_sbtsText
67 Autographs and signatures of Susan Tallmon Sargent's friends and associates: Set 1uum_sbtsText
68 Annual report of the Lintsing Memorial Hospital, Lintsing, Shantung, China, 19401940uum_sbtsText
69 Letter dated 21 March 1937 from Myrtie H. Wagner to Susan Tallmon Sargent1937-03-21uum_sbtsText
70 Letter dated 26 February 1945 from W. B. Pettus, conveying news from son, Dr. W. Winston Pettus in China1945-02-26; 1944-12-20; 1944-12-30uum_sbtsText
71 Iowa College Academy, anniversary exercises of the forty-eighth year, Friday, June 7, 1895, Grinnell, Iowa1895uum_sbtsText
72 National Geographic magazine, volume 67, no. 9 (September 1925)1925-09uum_sbtsText
73 Letter dated 15 July 1909 from George A. Gates of Pomona College, California, to Dr. Susan Tallmon1909-07-15uum_sbtsText
74 Notice! Election officers, March 25, 1890; Program, high school contest, March 12, 18901890uum_sbtsText
75 Letter dated 4 February 1902 from Margaret Tallmon to Susan Tallmon1902-02-04uum_sbtsText
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