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51 Letters of George Thatcher to Luna Young Thatcher, 1871-18851871; 1885uum_ptbfText
52 Letter of John W. Young to his mother, Mary Ann Young1871-03-02uum_ptbfText
53 Utah Southern Railroad Company resolution to issue bonds1871-06-05uum_ptbfText
54 Letters of Luna Young Thatcher to George W. Thatcher, 1872-18781872; 1878uum_ptbfText
55 Two letters of John W. Young, 1872, 18761872-02-08; 1876-05-19uum_ptbfText
56 Letters of LeGrand Young to Brigham Young1874; 1876uum_ptbfText
57 Letters of Willard Young, 1874-19201874; 1875; 1876; 1920uum_ptbfText
58 Letters of Feramorz Young to his father, Brigham Young1874; 1876uum_ptbfText
59 Four letters to Brigham Young from relatives1874; 1876uum_ptbfText
60 Three letters of John Sharp to Brigham Young1874-01-07; 1876-01-17; 1876-01-23uum_ptbfText
61 Letter from Rhoda Mabel Young to her father, Brigham Young1874-02-05uum_ptbfText
62 Letter of David McKenzie to Brigham Young, 18741874-02-12uum_ptbfText
63 Five letters exchanged between William Jennings and Brigham Young, dated April 3, 18741874-04-03uum_ptbfText
64 Two letters of Edward Young to Brigham Young1874-05-09; 1876-09-17uum_ptbfText
65 Letter to Brigham Young claiming lands in Ogden1874-09-14uum_ptbfText
66 Letters to Brigham Young, 1875-18761875; 1876uum_ptbfText
67 Letter of James A. Little to Brigham Young, 18751875-01-29uum_ptbfText
68 Correspondence concerning land in Leeds, Utah1875-02-15; 1875-03-16uum_ptbfText
69 Letter of Ben Holladay to Brigham Young, 18751875-07-19uum_ptbfText
70 Letter of W. W. Riter to Brigham Young, 18751875-08-13uum_ptbfText
71 Three letters to Brigham Young1875-09-24; 1876-06-03; 1876-11-02uum_ptbfText
72 Letter of Luella Young to Mrs. Mary A. Young1876uum_ptbfText
73 Two letters of Carlos Young to his father, Brigham Young1876-01-09; 1876-04-02uum_ptbfText
74 Petition to Brigham Young, 18761876-01-18uum_ptbfText
75 Two letters of Arta D. Young to Brigham Young1876-03-28; 1876-08-06uum_ptbfText
51 - 75 of 159