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51 ACCESS: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary for the ACCESS Program for Women in Science and Mathematics2011uum_mlpImage/StillImage
52 The Art and Craft of Byzantine Binding2011uum_mlpImage/StillImage
53 Chapbooks, from digital to designer2011uum_mlpImage
54 Good, the bad, and the not so pretty: the Eighteenth Annual William R. and Erlyn J. Gould Distinguished Lecture on Technology and the Quality of Life, featuring guest lecturer David D. Freudenthal, Former Governor of Wyoming (2003-2011)2011uum_mlpImage
55 History of the Bible, 1455--16112011uum_mlpImage
56 Making short work of the long-stitch: June 4, Saturday 9:00-1:002011uum_mlpImage
57 Cooking from scratch: Montana author to lecture at the University of Utah, Thursday, September 6, 7:00pm2012uum_mlpImage
58 Herding Cats: the wild world of artists' books2012uum_mlpImage
59 "I Had Arrived at Perfection: the lost canyons of the Green River" by Roy Dale Webb2012uum_mlpImage
60 Recycle: Plastic #1-2, Aluminum cans, paper, cardboard... Marriott Library Green Committee.2012uum_mlpImage/StillImage
61 Trash: food waste, foil & wrappers, styrofoam... Marriott Library Green Committee2012uum_mlpImage/StillImage
62 Annual Fall Faculty Forum: Tilted, & Flipped, technology enabled courses: October 31st, 2012...2012uum_mlpImage/StillImage
63 Fall Semester book sale, Monday, October 29 to Friday November 2, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Level 1, Room 1100A2012uum_mlpImage/StillImage
64 Friends of the J. Willard Marriott Library present: "River Republic: the fall and rise of America's rivers," by Daniel McCool: Lecture on November 14, 12:00 pm, Gould Auditorium, J. Willard Marriott Library.2012uum_mlpImage/StillImage
65 Visit Mom's Cafe: By popular demand, Mom's Cafe is open later to satisfy your late food and beverage needs!2012uum_mlpImage/StillImage
66 Marriott Library spring semester book sale: Monday, April 2 to Friday, April 6, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Level 1, Room 1100A2012uum_mlpImage/StillImage
67 Are We There Yet?: Westward exploration & travel in North America2012uum_mlpImage/StillImage
68 Book Arts Program and Rare Books Division Bookworks exhibition schedule2012uum_mlpImage/StillImage
69 Galvanized by the Influx ... five exhibitions that celebrate the craft and artistry of contemporary bookwork [2012]2012uum_mlpImage
70 Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence Seminar, 20122012uum_mlpImage
71 Honoring Our Veterans2012uum_mlpImage
72 Visualizing data: why an (interactive) picture is worth 1000 numbers: guest lecturer Miriah Meyer, PhD: the Nineteenth Annual William R. and Erlyn J. Gould Distinguished Lecture on Technology and the Quality of Life2012uum_mlpImage
73 Humanities in Focus documentary screening2012uum_mlpImage
74 J. Willard Marriott Library Information Visualization Lecture Series presents Dr. Kirsten R. Butcher... Dr. Frank A. Drews, ... James Agutter, ... Dr. Ben Fry2013uum_mlpImage
75 La Parola Scritta: XVI centuries of Italian culture in ink, a reception and hands-on display of books from the Rare Collections2013uum_mlpImage
51 - 75 of 264