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51 Asset ForfeitureText
52 Asset Recovery Roundtable2010-02-08Text
53 Baghdad in December: Some Notes2009-01-10Text
54 Bigger Provincial Powers ConferencesText
55 Blanc Selected Topics ReportText
56 Blanc Selected Topics Report - ArabicText
57 Board of Supreme Audit Draft Law2010-01-28Text
58 Board of Supreme Audit Draft Law - English, Second Reading2009-05-14Text
59 Business Process Mapping Consultant_eng2008-12-06Text
60 Capital City draft law 02 02 09 ra v3 (Arabic to English translation of) the Capital BillText
61 Chapter 6 - New Directions in Anti-Corruption ReformText
62 Chart of Needed Actions - Arabic الفقرات التي تحتاج الإآمال في مسودة الدستورText
63 CLA deliverables - Elections2009-11-12Text
64 Combating the World's Corruption is a Slippery BusinessText
65 Commentary on Draft Law on the Commission of Integrity - English, Second Reading2009-07-21Text
66 Comments on Draft Bill from Legal Committee2009-10-19Text
67 Comments on IHEC draft Regulation on Complaints and Challenges for CoR ElectionsText
68 Comments on IHEC Regulation and Procedures on Candidate Registration(ENG)Text
69 Commission of Integrity Bill Draft2010-02-01Text
70 Commission of Integrity Draft Law - Amended after Second Reading2009-07-21Text
71 Commission of Integrity Draft Law - English Version, Second Reading2009-05-02Text
72 Commission on Rights of Regions and Governorates Law ArabicText
73 Comparative Analysis of Anti-Corruption Framework in Seven Countries2010-04Text
74 Concept Paper A Federalism Campaign: Unity through Federalism Version 2, 23 March 20092009-03-23Text
75 Constitutional Analysis of 20092009-07-21Text
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