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51 UK Developments in Industrial Coal Firing1982uu_afrcText
52 TVA's Proposed Laboratory-Scale Coal Combustor1982uu_afrcText
53 Experiments on Pulverized Coal Combustion Under Conditions Simulating a Blast Furnace Environment1982uu_afrcText
54 Commercialization of Coal-Water Slurries - II1982uu_afrcText
55 Combustion Characterisitcs of Occidental Coal-Oil Mixtures1982uu_afrcText
56 Influence of Pyrites on Furnace Slagging1983uu_afrcText
57 Performance Characteristics of a Hot-Wall Furnace Fired With Coal Water Slurry (CWS) Using Gas/Air Atomization1983uu_afrcText
58 Symposium Program1983uu_afrcText
59 Evaluating Slagging and Fouling Parameters1983uu_afrcText
60 An Investigation of Iron Formation on the Furnace Floor1983uu_afrcText
61 A Method For Extending Viscosity Prediction Formulas1983uu_afrcText
62 Mechanisms of Effective Coal Water Slurry Atomization1983uu_afrcText
63 The Combustion, Heat Transfer, Pollutant Emission and Ash Deposition Characteristics of Concentrated Coal Water Slurries1983uu_afrcText
64 Particle Sizing in Coal-Water Slurry Sprays Using the Visibility Technique1983uu_afrcText
65 NOx Control Technology for Industrial Combustion System1983uu_afrcText
66 The Combustion of a Fuel Mixture Composed of Coal and Light Fuel Oil1983uu_afrcText
67 Slag Rejection in Cyclone Combustor1983uu_afrcText
68 The Effect of Pulverised Coal Type and Burner Parameters When Staging Air Combustion for NOx Reduction1983uu_afrcText
69 Coal-Water Mixture Combustion and Flame Studies at TRW1983uu_afrcText
70 Turbulent Mixing Studies in a Secondary Combustor Model1983uu_afrcText
71 EPRI Coal-Water Mixture Evaluation Program1983uu_afrcText
72 An Engineering Model for Pulverized Fuel Combustion Stability1983uu_afrcText
73 Combustion Characteristics of Occidental Coal-Water Mixtures1983uu_afrcText
74 Como a Numerical Model for Predicting Furnace Performance in Axisymmetric Geometries1983uu_afrcText
75 Low-Temperature Combustion Kinetics of Western Kentucky No 9 Coal1983uu_afrcText
51 - 75 of 994