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51 178. Sheep dip, Navajo reservation Arizona. Schwemberger, photoImage/StillImage
52 180.Sheep, Little Colorado River, Arizona. Stephen Janus, photoImage/StillImage
53 181. Sheep and goats, near Tuba, Arizona Stephen Janus, photoImage/StillImage
54 182. Driving well point. Navajo reservation, Arizona. Schwemberger, photoImage/StillImage
55 183. Typical vegetation, Monument Pass, Utah S.M. Young, photoImage/StillImage
56 184. (G-117). Indian freight team, Navajo reserveration, Arizona. 19091909Image/StillImage
57 185.(G--118). Indian fence, upper Chinlee Valley, Arizona, 19091909Image/StillImage
58 186. (G-119). Navajo corral. Red Lake (Tuba), Arizona 19091909Image/StillImage
59 187. (N-M.7). Navajo sweat house near Ganado, Arizona 19091909Image/StillImage
60 187a. Navajo mail carrier at Halfway House, on Tuba-Flagstaff road, Arizona. Stephen Janus, photoImage/StillImage
61 188.(N-M.8). Navajo hogan and wagon, Black Falls, Arizona. 19091909Image/StillImage
62 189.(N-M.9). Stiles' Ranche, Moqui Buttes, Arizona. 19091909Image/StillImage
63 190.(N-M.10). Navajo camp, base of Carriso Mountains., Arizona 19091909Image/StillImage
64 191.(N-M.11). Same as N-M.10Image/StillImage
65 192.(N-M.12). Navajo hogan, Steamboat Wash, Arizona. 1909.(Grover's home)1909Image/StillImage
66 193.(G-120). Navajo summer hogan, Coyote Wash, Arizona, 19091909Image/StillImage
67 194.(G-121). Navajo summer and winter hogans, Moa Ave., Arizona 19091909Image/StillImage
68 195.(N-M.13). Bridal couple, Lower Oraibi Wash. 19091909Image/StillImage
69 196.(N-M.14). Half coyote dog, Cornfields, near Ganado, Arizona 19091909Image/StillImage
70 197.(N-M.15). Hotel, Gallup, 19091909Image/StillImage
71 198.(N-M.16). Wild horse, Little Colorado valley, Arizona 19091909Image/StillImage
72 199.(N-M.17). Burro, Ganado, Arizona 19091909Image/StillImage
73 1st Festival Mountain & Plain [X33480]1895Image/StillImage
74 1st Festival of Mountain & Plain [X-33481]1895Image/StillImage
75 1st Festival of Mountain & Plain [X-33483]1895Image/StillImage
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