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51 Modeling of thermal storage tank for heat recovery applicationsRahman, AowabinPresented at the GCSC (Global Change and Sustainability Center) Research Symposium. The goal of this research was to develop a mathematical model of a stratified thermal storage tank containing stationary fluid with hot and cold heat exchangers.The model could be used as a screening tool to allow b...2016-02-02
52 Modeling Temporal Variation in Externalities Related to Electricity Purchases for BuildingsPleve, Kaden; Smith, Amanda D.Presented at the Global Change and Sustainability Center Research Symposium
53 Multi-Objective Optimization - Waste Heat Recovery Systems in Food ProcessingLegorburu, Gabriel2019 ASHRAE Winter Conference
54 Natural History Museum of Utah, Rio Tinto Center Sustainable Traits & Resources Fact Sheet2016
55 Office of Sustainability 2013 Sustainability ReportOffice of SustainabilityFor Sustainability U. A planning document for U of U edible campus gardens under the umbrella of the U of U Sustainability Office.2013
56 Older adults' attitudes, concerns, and support for environmental issues in the "New West"Caserta, Michael; Wright, Scott D.; Lund, Dale A.The natural environment has been a missing topic from education and public policy forums concerning an aging society. This study examines demographic trends and several socio-demographic influences on attitudes, concerns, and active support for environmental issues among older adults in a retirement...2003-08-01
57 Outdoor Physical Campus Assessment Individual Campus ResultsEckert, Erica2013
58 Paper project 2011Student Affairs initiative to reduce the overall consumption of paper -both recycled and non-recycled2011
59 Pilot study on how indoor environmental and physiological variables affect human thermal confortThomas, Jermy V.; Smith, Amanda D.Poster presented at GCSC Research Symposium, 2019.
60 Pollinator Garden, University of Utah Construction Document SetG. Brown Design Inc.2019
61 Poverty traps, risk and natural disasters: micro evidence from rural Odisha, IndiaChowdhury, Joyita RoyThe study examines the formal and informal risk coping mechanisms that the rural communities rely upon to protect themselves from the impacts of adverse weather shocks.2016-02-02
62 Proposal to Create M.A. and M.S. Degrees in Environmental HumanitiesChapman, David S.2004
63 Public water supply: how much energy does it take?Sowby, Robert B.This study collected annual water use and energy use data from 109 water utilities in the United States. The effort is the first to compile a consistent dataset of city-scale water and energy observations that describes the electric loads associated with public water services.2017
64 Quantifying Electricity-Related Emissions for On-Campus BuildingsSavas, AlexiaThis UROP funded project looked to quantify indirect emissions for on-campus buildings using the Skyspark database and EPA calculated emission factors. This poster was presented at the 2019 Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium.2019
65 Range Creek Upland Monitoring Report, Summary of Data Collected July 12‐13, 2011Andrews, EmersonMonitoring transects were established in summer 2011 to collect baseline vegetation/ground cover data in the upland areas of Range Creek Canyon. The need for these data became apparent in spring 2011, as plans were developed to reintroduce livestock grazing to the canyon and to implement vegetation ...2011
66 Re-Imagining Jordan ParkAngela Rimero, Denis Faris, Kate Rubalkava, Sarah Munro2013
67 Recommendations for greening the J. Willard Marriott Library: report of the Marriott Library Green Task ForceJ. Willard Marriott LibraryThe completion in Fall 2008 of the extensive renovation of the J. Willard Marriott Library and the moving of many staff groups back into the Library presents an excellent opportunity to identify and promote environmentally responsible practices and encourage sustainable behaviors. Recognizing this,...2008-09-25
68 Red Butte Creek Survey ResultsGlobal Changes & Society Class2013
69 Red Butte Reservoir Management PlanThe Red Butte Management Plan was prepared by a sub-committee of the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program (JSRIP). The JSRIP is greatly thankful for the time and support of those who have work to complete this document:
70 Revitalization of Red Butte Creek: A University of Utah Asset- Phase 2 UpdateAndrews, EmersonIn the Spring 2013 semester a number of classes across campus focused on the past, present, and future of Red Butte Creek-providing insight into opportunities for University stewardship. We describe five recommendations that will enhance the University's research, education, and outreach missions an...2013
71 Revitalization of Red Butte Creek: a University of Utah Campus AssetAndrews, EmersonThe presence of the Red Butte Creek (RBC) riparian corridor on the University of Utah campus presents a unique opportunity for environmental education, research, and outreach. As an outdoor classroom and on-campus "field station" opportunity, the RBC represents an asset to help define a signature st...2012
72 Salt Lake City Community Carbon Footprint2010
73 Salt Lake City Urban Ranger ProgramNational Park Service, Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program in Utah, Timpanogos Cave National Monument, University of Utah, and Jordan River Commission
74 Savings & Incentive Report The University of Utah: Buildings 9, 10, 13 & 83 RCxRocky Mountain Power2016
75 SCIF BylawsUniversity of Utah2011
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