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51 MFA exhibitionBench, Ryan JoeThe subject of my paper is a body of work representing my personal interpretations, experiences, memories, and processes of creating images using the mediums of printmaking, painting and drawing. The subject matter represents broad visual sketches of the landscape, not direct visual copies; but inst...Printmaking2017-09
52 MFA thesis show by: James McGeeMcGee, JamesThe body o f work represented it this packet reflects on remembered and imagined experiences from childhood. Mostly symbols from a suburban world, the subject matter includes above ground pool and BMX bikes; the people portrayed are my family. These paintings illustrate what is specific about memor...Art/Art History2005-06
53 Motion picturesMoore, Amanda JaneArt cannot be created in a bubble. Motion Pictures is no exception. This body of work is a culmination of my education, location, and personal interaction with pop culture. Without my move from Atlanta to Salt Lake City, I would not have become so obsessed with my subject matter. Without my subje...Art/Art History2006-05
54 Multicultural: Facts and findings from the two years I spent living under a microscopeMehr, AnnetteThis final project paper is an accompaniment of my thesis work: a series of 11 oil paintings of bacterial cultures. These bacterial cultures were collected from volunteers, throughout 2016-2017. The paintings of these cultures are defined as portraits of the people who volunteered their bacteria. Th...Art & Art History2017-12
55 Onchi Koshiro and individualism in Japanese woodblock printingDee, David L.By the turn of the twentieth century, the vitality of the traditional woodblock print industry in Japan had dissipated. Out of this dormant state of the graphic arts, two woodblock printmaking movements emerged in early twentieth- century Japan: (a) shin-hanga (new prints) and (b) sosaku-hanga (cr...Art/Art History2000-08
56 Painter of sentiment, painter of politics: Lilly Martin Spencer's allegorical truth unveiling falsehoodWeiss, Jessica R.Lilly Martin Spencer was one of the foremost American female painters of the nineteenth century. Having built her career on domestic genre painting using the language of sentiment to communicate with her audience, her large allegorical work Truth Unveiling Falseho...Art/Art History2009-08
57 Paper & tapeTachinni, Eugene RonaldThis final project paper has two components; text and imageiy. The first component, the text, has two parts. The first part is a collection of four personal narratives written by the artist, contained in the first four chapters. The second part is a response to an assignment given in a course ca...Art/Art History2008-05
58 Pathway to color: the art and life of Henri MoserAlder, Thomas MoyleJohn Henri Moser's (1875-1951) paintings are among the most collected in the State of Utah. He is represented in numerous museums and private collections, but his Parisian art training, prolific Expressionist artworks, and adoption of Fauvist colors and painterly techniques have been largely negle...Art/Art History2007-12
59 Prime PropertyLiebich, ThomasThis Final Project Paper is concerned with my art project Prime Property. The final exhibition of the project opened on August 24, 2007 and ran through September 14, 2007 in the Alvin Gittins Gallery of the University of Utah. In this paper, I'm attempting to shed light on my rational and intentio...Art/Art History2008-05
60 Project paperRingger, Kirsti AsplundHegel believed the aim of a human mind is to know itself, but that a human mind develops a notion of itself within a community of other minds, and that throughout history, humans collectively build upon what has gone before and improve. Art is one way that the collective knowledge is learned by eac...Art/Art History2010-10
61 The quasic gardenSevenans, Monique AnnWithin this thesis I will discuss the origins of the work I have created for The Quasiac Garden. It will begin with an explanation of how I use the creation of art as an instigator of my intuition. There is a dependent relationship between the creation of materials and the formal elements of de...Art/Art History1998-03
62 Querl dismantling the bookDykes, StefanieWhen an artist adopts an intuitive working methodology, the creation of images or objects often appear before a final clear conceptual idea is defined. My artistic practice changed dramatically with my desire to dismantle books, to unburden myself from outdated or discarded texts, and to fold them ...Art/Art History2010-07
63 RecollectionJorgensen, Eva ChristinaI would like to thank the following: my committee, Justin Diggle, Maureen O'Hara Ure, and Kaiti Slater, for their helpful criticism and advice; my fellow graduate students, especially Zuzanna Smolarkiewicz, Thomi Liebich, Meredith Prevot, and Leah Moses Gandhi, for their insight, camaraderie, and h...Art/Art History2007-08
64 ReflectionLockett, Steven DennisMy art is based on my life. These life experiences acquired fuel my imagery. They speak a personal language of emotions both positive and negative. Using the human figure as my subject, I look for interesting ways to capture the essence of my thoughts as I create an image. The focus is on an inn...Art/Art History2006-04
65 Rembrandt's landscapes: a study of visual languageBradley, JulietteRembrandt van Rijn seems most well-known as a painter of histories and portraits. Yet, he expressed a fervent interest in rendering landscapes. Eight authentic landscape paintings survive today. A previously biased academic tradition delayed analysis of these paintings by considering them meanin...Art/Art History2005-05
66 Ritual - ceremony - immortalityFreeman, Etsuko OguraThe following pages describe my experience in the University of Utah's Master of Fine Arts graduate program in ceramics. The technical aspects are not the main focus. The focus is on the symbolism, ritual and ceremony of the installation, "Ritual - Ceremony - Immortality."The challenge was to sea...Art/Art History2005-12
67 Rural declineHill, Jay DavidDriving past Burley, Idaho on my way to Boise for what must be the umpteenth time, I pass an aged and worn out motel sign, broken and unlit, perched far above the highway on three naked metal poles. The motel, once an oasis for the road-weary traveler, is gone. The sign stands proud but weary, in th...Art/Art History2006-08
68 Saint John the Baptist: the model Florentine the transformaiton of John the Baptist's image in fifteenth-century Florentine paintingMuren, Gladys ElizabethSince the earliest years of Italian painting, artists have depicted John the Baptist as an emaciated, weathered, hermit-prophet, a portrayal that reflects his reclusive biblical experience in the wilderness. In the mid-fifteenth century, some Florentine patrons commissioned images of John the Bapti...Art/Art History2005-12
69 Salt and mortarFlack, Douglas McGarrenMy work constructs a culture that lives in the salt flats. I desire to understand why people do what they do and 1 achieve this by capturing my own experiences through every day life and translating them into a visual representation on the salt flats. I choose to paint these people in their contex...Art/Art History2008-05
70 Seeing and reflectionBateman, Edward JamesArt has become a term that eludes definition. Inasmuch as art is a truly human activity, I believe that any attempt to explore this complex topic must establish as its foundation basic human capacities. I propose that this foundation consists of three aspects of human interest that come together i...Art/Art History2003-08
71 Sequential figurationGerhart, Daniel LyleThe show contained twenty-two sculptures of the human form. All but three of the figures in the show were derived from five half life-size figures. Of these five figures three were female and two male. The group of five figures were each represented in the three media of beeswax, aluminum, an...Art/Art History2001-12
72 Simple stuff...?Kurtz, MichelleWe are all part of the human condition that I describe as being human in a social, cultural, and personal context. To be part of this plays a part in shaping who we are. Often times we are not aware of, or have forgotten situations in our lives that have shaped us. In SIMPLE STUFF... ? I use clic...Art/Art History2010-08
73 Simulations of inputRagland, Gregory S.My art is based on my dreams. By viewing my work you are experiencing simu­lations and reproductions of my dreams. My work is in paint, ceramics, and other mixed media. I use whatever media it takes to re-create the image I saw. I am an artist who uses signs, symbols and dreams to make decisions ...Art/Art History2003-08
74 Study for my voiceAllred, Matthew WadeWithin myself I find many perspectives, there are places to think from, places to stand in, and places to speak about. This work touches many of these places and examines the experiences of occupying them. These photographs are the manifestation of an exploration to understand my­self, and the natu...Art/Art History2008-08
75 Suggested thinking spots: on suggested photo spots and the center for land use interpretationBacall, Analisa CoatsDesigned by Melinda Stone and Igor Vamos for the Center for Land Use Interpretation, Suggested Photo Spots is a multisited project engaging with the intersection between tourism and anthropic, or human-altered, landscapes. The project consists primarily of photographs of sites in which "Suggested P...Art/Art History2008-05
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