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51 Designing the scientific research program for post-release survival rates of the avian patients of the wildlife rehabilitation center of Northern UtahWhile the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center ofNorthern Utah (WRCNU) utilizes effective methods to enable birds admitted into their care to be released back into the wild, there has been no way to determine the survival rates of these birds post-release to determine the true success rate of the rehabili...2013-08-12
52 An engineering curriculum for 4th through 6th gradersThe project that was completed was an engineering curriculum for 4th - 6th graders at Monroe Elementary School. The purpose of this program is to introduce the students to the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. In addition to encouraging participation in these fields, the prog...2013-11-25
53 Medication therapy managementMedication therapy management (MTM) is an extended pharmacy service that optimizes therapeutic outcomes and goals for patients by ensuring that their medications are appropriate, effective, safe, and able to be taken as intended. By collaborating with Service Learning Scholars and Partner for Promot...2014
54 Recycle Rice-EcclesRecycle Rice-Eccles was founded in 2010 to meet the need for recycling at the Rice-Eccles Football Stadium. What started out as a few students with garbage bags is now a 300 strong volunteer effort recycling over 12 tons per season. Through effective marketing, strong leadership, and a dedicated vol...2014-02-22
55 Preschool for the Road HomeIntroduction and Background: This Integrative Service Project (ISP) was the creation of more curriculum for The Road Home preschool, a donation drive was implemented to increase their funds and supplies, and a volunteer relationship was established in order to provide the needed assistance. Literatu...2014-03-27
56 Cultivation and implementation of community-engaged pharmacy services in a free clinic to enhance care for the medically underservedA community-academic partnership between the Maliheh Free Clinic and the University of Utah College of Pharmacy was formed to fulfill a community need for pharmacy services. Three pharmacy services were developed and implemented with the support of students, faculty, and the clinic. Pharmacy service...2014-04-01
57 Operation smoke outIntroduction: The purpose of this ISP was to promote smoking cessation and prevention through education to both pharmacy professionals and the community in conjunction with the Utah Tobacco Prevention Task Force and the Utah Dept. of Health. Individual goals within the project included providing edu...2014-04-01
58 Decreasing absenteeism in Elementary schoolsChronic absenteeism is an issue that greatly affects Utah schools (AttendanceWorks, 2010; Research Brief: Chronic Absenteeism, 2012). Students being in school each day is becoming increasingly important in education. There is a growing relationship between attendance and academic performance (Balfan...2014-04-01
59 Cookbook and Community BuildingCommunity gardens are becoming more common every year. Many communities come together over shared land to grow food for their families, especially low-income communities. However, how do these people build community if they do not know each other? How does a group of people work together to sustain ...2014-04-01
60 Students achieving in science and academia (SAAE)The integrative service project (ISP) completed is an after school engineering program, Students Achieving in Academia and Engineering (SAAE), that is implemented at Monroe Elementary a Title 1 school located in West Valley. The program is for 4th - 6th graders over 8 weeks its purpose is to cultiva...2014-04-01
61 Integrated Service Project Final PaperThe Summer Youth Program at the Indian Walk-In Center is program intended to help youth develop various skills to improve their lives. One such skill is to understand healthy lifestyles through physical fitness and nutrition education. For my Integrated Service Project I worked with this program dev...2014-04-01
62 The Red Butte Garden Plant Database: For Organization and Community UseBotanical gardens have certain features that distinguish them from pleasure gardens and public parks. In the latter part of the 20th century, the environmental and sustainability movement changed botanic garden missions to increase the serious tones of research, education, and conservation (p. 185-2...2014-08-01
63 The shakedown: The implementation and implications of natural disaster response protocols on a local levelThere are critical transition moments in public health: when epidemics become pandemics, when storms become hurricanes, when incidents become disasters. This paper will explore the national preparedness and response standards developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (!!HS) and h...2016
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