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51 Portrait of Col. John B. Watkins, Jr., Deputy for NRO1970-05-26gr_lcImage
52 Major General John M. Cone, Commanding General of WSMR1965gr_lcImage
53 View of mountains and missile base with trucks and trees.gr_lcImage
54 A. Muray Maughan, Director, Utah Launch Complex1971-04-27gr_lcImage
55 Visit of General John M. Cone1965-09-20gr_lcImage
56 A. Muray Maughan, Director of Green River Test Complex1971-04-27gr_lcImage
57 Missile range showing trucks and roadsgr_lcImage
58 Aerial view of missile range with trucks and tents.gr_lcImage
59 Aerial View of Missile Rangegr_lcImage
60 Group of U.S. Army officials visiting men in a Honeywell equipment roomgr_lcImage
61 Sustained Superior Performance Award to Robert J. Moore.1971-11-10gr_lcImage
62 Missile Base trailers, trucks and tents.gr_lcImage
63 Four men wearing wigs next to airplanegr_lcImage
64 An Army officer, Col. Cranfordgr_lcImage
65 SFC Delfino F. Beltran, NCOIC/Admin. NCO., Utah Launch Complex 1966-19691969-01-21gr_lcImage
66 USAF Captain Allen L. Haughwoutgr_lcImage
67 Utah Test Complex's Fire Station;Security Office; Guard Gate to Cantonment Area1967-02-09gr_lcImage
68 Major General Horace G. Davidson, Commanding General, White Sands Missile Range.1967gr_lcImage
69 Missile Presentation1968-04-27gr_lcImage
70 Military equipment on missile base.gr_lcImage
71 Final Inspection of Storage Magazine #91969-03-12gr_lcImage
72 Pershing Heavy Equipment Maintenance Building S-500411975-02-12gr_lcImage
73 An Army officer, STUBBSgr_lcImage
74 Radar Site at White Mesa near Blanding, Utah1967-06-21gr_lcImage
75 Award presented to Robert J.Moore1971-11-10gr_lcImage
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