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51 Anderson, Alfred C. and Annie L. Olsen, House1999-12-09dha_unrnfText
52 Desert Experimental Range Station Historic District1994-04-11dha_unrnfText
53 Meneray, William H. and Sarah D., House1998-01-05dha_unrnfText
54 Washburn, Alvin and Grace, House1999-12-30dha_unrnfText
55 Seeley, William Stuart, House1992-07-16dha_unrnfText
56 Brandon, Thomas and Margaret, House1997-11-17dha_unrnfText
57 Midway Social Hall1995-08-10dha_unrnfText
58 American Fork Historic District1998-12-10dha_unrnfText
59 Smith, John Y. and Emerette C., House1998-12-04dha_unrnfText
60 Mickelson, Hyrum and Mary A. Terry Peterson, House1999-12-09dha_unrnfText
61 Isom, Samuel and Elizabeth, House1993-03-04dha_unrnfText
62 Farrer, Benjamin and Jane Cook, House1992-08-28dha_unrnfText
63 Farrer, John William, House1992-08-28dha_unrnfText
64 Deal, Roe A. and Louise R., House1998-01-05dha_unrnfText
65 Kilbourn--Leak House1997-11-17dha_unrnfText
66 Midvale City Hall1994-04-07dha_unrnfText
67 Under-the-Rim Trail1995-04-25dha_unrnfText
68 Harrington Elementary School1993-03-04dha_unrnfText
69 Deseret Relief Society Hall1995-12-13dha_unrnfText
70 Lower 25th Street Historic District (Boundary Increase II)1994-09-15dha_unrnfText
71 Roberts, B.H., Louisa Smith and Cecilia Dibble, House1997-11-17dha_unrnfText
72 Vincent, William Tyler and Amorilla Gammet, House1997-07-09dha_unrnfText
73 Moroni Opera House1996-05-23dha_unrnfText
74 Great Basin Research Station Historic District1996-06-28dha_unrnfText
75 Grantsville School and Meetinghouse1995-12-13dha_unrnfText
51 - 75 of 1,510