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51 Oral reading fluency: Predicting outcomes for culturally and linguistically diverse studentsThe present study investigated Oral Reading Fluency and its ability to predict academic achievement in language arts and mathematics on 6,484 first through fourth grade students. Student, teacher, and school information from the 2006-2007 academic school year was collected from databases maintained ...Bilingual education; Educational sociology; Elementary education; Literacy; Reading instruction; Ethnic studies2010
52 Managing Cognitive Load During Complex Learning: A Study on Worked Examples and Element InteractivityOut of the three major constituents of cognitive load theory, intrinsic is the most crucial as it relates to difficulty of learning material. Difficulty of learning material is determined by two factors: the learner's prior knowledge and interacting elements present in the task. The proposed study i...Mathematics education; Education; Educational psychology; Psychology; Cognitive psychology2017
53 Colonial legacies and preservice teacher subjectivities in mali: A critical examination of two teacher training programsThe main goal of this dissertation is to identify major characteristics of French colonial education in Soudan Francais (present day Mali) before discussing ways in which, despite major education reforms, legacies that relate to those characteristics continue to, either consciously or unconsciously,...Educational evaluation; Education history; Teacher education; Education philosophy2017
54 Fostering critical counterspaces in the borderlands: Engaging latin@ elementary youth in Chican@ studiesChican@ and Latin@ students have persistently had low high school graduation rates, as well as low college matriculation and completion rates. A wide range of literature suggests that ethnic studies-based educational approaches can positively engage students of color academically, in ways that marke...Multicultural Education; Elementary education; Ethnic studies2016
55 An adaptation of the Mindful schools curriculum for adolescents: feasibility and preliminary effectiveness on stree, depression, and mindfulness of adolescent in an after-school settingThe current study evaluated the feasibility and effectiveness of an adaptation of the Mindful Schools Curriculum for Adolescents in an after school setting. This study is the first to evaluate feasibility and effectiveness of the Mindful Schools curriculum for a nonclinical, community-referred adole...Educational Psychology; Adolescents; Intervention2017
56 Adaptive theory - Educational implications and an exemplary Earth Science curriculumIn this study, a general theory of adaptation based on statistical graphics was proposed for the purpose of providing perspective in complex situations. The educational implications of the theory suggested an adaptive curriculum design that would embrace most existing educational models. To exempl...Education -- Philosophy; Earth sciences -- Study and teaching (Secondary)1975
57 Mindfulness and social justice advocacy: exploring the relationship and experience among psychotherapistsThis qualitative study explored the relationship between mindfulness practice and social justice advocacy among psychotherapy practitioners. The increased call to include and re-vision social justice advocacy as a central component of practice in feministAdvocacy; Barriers; Feminist Multicultural; Mindfulness; Social Justice2017
58 Racially diverse students' perceptions of caring teacher-student relationships in private Jewish schoolsResearch is scant that is specifically on teacher-student relationships as an academic resource for racially diverse students in majority white, private religious schools compared with similar research done in public schools. This study identified the presence of caring teacher-student relationships...Private schools - Jewish; Diversity - Education2018-08
59 Racial battle fatigue and coping in a "postracial" era for african american and mexican american students: implications for higher education institutions and studentsThis study investigates how racial battle fatigue manifests itself for African American and Mexican American students and investigates the most utilized coping strategies students employ to combat racial battle fatigue. The study uses structural equation modeling (SEM) to investigate the differences...Education; Higher Education; Racial Battle Fatigue; Racial Microaggressions; Racism; Sociology2015
60 Ninth-grade students with disabilities: a concrete-representational-abstract + writing strategy for solving rate of change problemsThe U.S. finishes in the bottom fifth of industrialized nations in math achievement, based on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) scores. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) classifies almost 10% of U.S. students as low achieving, and students with disabilities...CRA; Disabilities; Math; Mild/Moderate; Writing2015
61 Every least thing: reading Cormac McCarthy's literary ecologies for a practice of thinking ethicsCormac McCarthy's novel The Crossing presents an ecocentric cosmology that diverges radically from the traditional anthropocentric model, which centralizes the primacy of humans. McCarthy's vision of "joinery" reformats the place of humanity to a position of equality with "every least thing." My fo...Agency; Cormac McCarthy; Eco-Pedagogy; Ethics; Network Theory; Ontology2015
62 on-task in a box: a validation study examining an evidence-based package intervention for increasing rates of on-task behavior and academic performanceOn-Task in a Box is an evidence based intervention system designed to increase a student's rates of on-task behavior and academic achievement. The primary interventions that are used in the program include self-monitoring and video modeling. The program also includes motivation systems for keeping s...Education; Academic performance; Evidence; On-task behavior; Package intervention2013
63 An examination of college career counselor self-efficacy in working with international students and its relationship with multicultural counseling competenceThe United States is a leader in internationalizing its higher education and has witnessed a tremendous increase in recruiting international students. International students, however, encounter a host of challenges, including language and cultural barriers. Additionally, many come to the United Stat...Career Counseling; career counselor multicultural competence; Career Counselor Self-efficacy; International Students2017
64 Co-occurring anxiety in adults with autism spectrum disorder: use of diagnostic codes to measure prevalence and associations between anxiety and intellectual ability, adaptive behavior, and employmentChildren with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a neurodevelopmental disability, continue to be affected by the disorder in adulthood. Research shows that many adults with ASD have poor outcomes in adulthood, regardless of intellectual ability or severity of symptom impairment, when compared to typica...adults; anxiety; autism; big data; diagnostic codes2017
65 Play your way to compliance: a validation study of a parent-training program to increase compliance rates in young children with autism spectrum disorderThe current study evaluated the efficacy of a parent-training program, Play Your Way to Compliance, to increase compliance rates of young children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Play Your Way to Compliance is an evidence-based intervention package with an errorless learning approach designed ...autism; behavior momentum; compliance; parent training2017
66 I've got a bird's eye view: portraits of asian american women educators practicing hip-hop pedagogyExisting research on Asian American educators is typically limited to a few select areas of inquiry including the absence of Asian American educators, Asian Americans as honorary “Whites” and model minorities, and racial microaggressions experienced by Asian American teachers and faculty...Asian American Education; Asian American Studies; Asian American Women; Critical Pedagogy; Hip-Hop Pedagogy; Womanism2017
67 An adaptation of the mindful schools curriculum for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder: implementation feasibility and impact on anxiety, rigidity, and mindfulnessDespite the burgeoning interest in mindfulness and its applications, relatively few mindfulness research studies have been conducted with children and adolescents, particularly in regard to those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and comorbid internalizing symptoms. Moreover, there is a lack of pe...autism; mindfulness; mindful schools2017
68 Differences in use of campus resources for gender transition and support by trans college students: a mixed-methods studyIn the decade of empirical research on the experiences of trans students in higher education, little work has examined differences among trans students of different gender identities and experiences, as well as other intersectional positionalities such as racial identity. This mixed-methods study ex...Higher Education Administration; LGBTQ studies; Higher education2017
69 Informant discrepancies in youth-witnessed violence: predictors and outcomesThis dissertation investigated discrepancies in parent and youth report of youth-witnessed violence (YWV), including the relationship between parent history of victimization and discrepancy, as well as how discrepancies in reports of YWV predict outcomes for youth. The sample included a subset of pa...caregiver trauma history; informant discrepancies; polynomial regression; youth trauma; youth witnessed violence2017
70 The role of unexpectedness in antecedent retrievalPrevious research has demonstrated that antecedent retrieval is influenced by memory-based factors such as elaboration, distance, and causality. It has been demonstrated that content interestingness may influence the degree to which readers attend to information in a passage. Although interestingnes...antecedent retrieval; Seductive Details; the resonance model; unexpecteness2017
71 Understanding the impact of a race-based ethnic studies course on first-year, chicanx/latinx undergraduates: a case study of the diversity scholars program at intermountain universityThis study explores the impact of the Diversity Scholars Program (DSP) on 1stâ€" year Chicanx/Latinx undergraduate students’ development of social consciousness. DSP is a yearlong course grounded in Critical Race Theory (CRT) and offered to historically underrepresented U.S. Students of Co...Chicanx/Latinx; Diversity Scholars Program; First Year2017
72 Chican@ scholars: narratives of spiritual activismThis study examines the spiritual activism of seven Chicana@ higher education faculty through a Chicana feminist epistemological framework. Through this framework, spirituality is identified as an epistemological source that grounds the professors’ scholar activism. This work is in response t...Activist Pedagogy; Chicana Feminisms; Chicana/o Studies; Chicanx Educators; Feminist Pedagogy; Spiritual Activism2017
73 The intersection of leadership for school improvement and school climate: a case study of one administrative team's journey to build an effective and equitable schoolEducational leaders have insisted that successful schools do more than meet the academic needs of students but also address the social, emotional, and psychological health of their student body. School leaders in low-performing institutions may view the pressure to boost academic achievement that co...Educational Leadership; Organizational Change; School Climate; School Improvement; School Turnaround2016
74 The electronic check-out program: a school-based note program to improve on-task behaviorThe purpose of this study was to validate the effectiveness of the Electronic Check-Out (ECO) Program in increasing students’ on-task rates. The ECO Program was adapted from the check-in/check-out (CICO) intervention to be more time efficient by using an electronic form and having only a chec...Behavior; Check-in/Check-out; Electronic Notes; On-task; Reward; Educational psychology2017
75 Biracial and biethnic women’s perceptions of parental attitudes regarding their bodies: a qualitative investigation into body imageStatistics on body image suggest that most women struggle with negative feelings about their appearance. However, there is disagreement as to what aspects of body image are most salient to women of different racial/ethnic groups. Moreover, body image research has traditionally examined the influence...Biethnic; Biracial; Body Image; Parental Attitudes; Women2017
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