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51 Ralyk, Natalia VladimirovnaNavigating elementary teacher education tuning in utahThis exploratory study examines the faculty’s purposeful and creative work aimed at developing student learning outcomes and competencies for Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) in Utah. The research uses a single-case study design as a qualitative method to gain insight into the ETE Tuning p...competencies; elementary teacher education; higher education; student learning outcomes; Tuning2016
52 Pappas, Alexandra GrandeThe influence of women's body dissatisfaction on career aspirations and perceived career barriersBody dissatisfaction affects women across the world and may have serious implications on their career and educational pursuits. A sample of 724 women completed an online survey designed to explore the relationships between body dissatisfaction, career aspiration and expectation discrepancies, educat...Body Dissatisfaction; Body Image; Career Aspirations; Career Barriers; Educational Aspirations; Women's Career Development2016
53 Yan, RuiPrincipal instructional leadership, working conditions, and principal turnover in k-12 public schoolsEver-increasing pressures from federal and state accountability policies and the aging and retirement of the baby boom generation have been accelerating principal turnover in K-12 schools during the past decade. This phenomenon has raised nationwide concern about school stability and student perform...Instructional leadership; Principal characteristics; Principal turnover; School context; Working conditions2016
54 Jewell, Jessica DawnComputerized screening system: an application of the relevant comparison test in the detection of deceptionThe current study evaluated the Computerized Screening System (CSS) for ports of entry. Additional primary objectives included evaluating the Relevant Comparison Test (RCT) for use at ports of entry, less invasive alternatives to skin conductance and the cardiograph, and alternative statistical meth...Deception; Lie Detection; Physiological Response; Polygraph; Relevant Comparison Test2016
55 Parkinson, Raymond BramwellThe life and educational contribution of John Andreas WidtsoePositions of leadership and responsibility marked the rise of the Norwegian immigrant in his chosen filed of education. From positions as a student, teacher, and director in agricultural experimental work; John A. Widtsoe was to become the president of two of Utah's institutions of higher learning,...Widtsoe, John Andreas, 1872-1952; University of Utah -- Presidents; Utah State University -- Presidents; Mormons -- Utah -- Biography; College presidents -- Utah -- Biography1955-08
56 LeCheminant, Dale CampbellJohn A. Widtsoe: Rational apologistDuring his life, John A. Widtsoe (1872-1952) held three positions of influence and authority in the State of Utah and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormon Church). He was an agronomist of national reputation, the president of the two main public institutions of higher educatio...Widtsoe, John Andreas, 1872-19521977-06
57 Helmes, LaMar, L.The status of sex education in the schools of UtahThe purpose of the study is to determine the status of sex education in the schools of Utah.Sex instruction -- Utah1948
58 Houchon, Áine ClotildeWhispers from the gutter: The gutter, its boundaries, and mis-guided driftsThis a/r/tographical study was the third in a series of youth-driven Comic Book Art Apprenticeships and Visual Studies. Its purpose was that of border poetics, to create a set of inherently geographical and artistic strategies for analyzing and deconstructing hard space, or fixed borders, in transmi...Comic book art; Art-Philosophy2017-08
59 Allen, Clarence B.A program of testing in the public schools of Tintic School District, UtahThis study is an application of modern methods of educational measurements and statistics in a survey of certain educational conditions relative to pupil-status in Tintic School District. The resulting data are used for comparative purpose, and for the practical problem of reclassifying the pupils ...Tintic School District (Utah); Educational tests and measurements; Ability grouping in education1925
60 Reese, Thomas MatthewCo-operative and communistic elements in the development of Utah : from original sourcesThe object of the writer has not been to produce a well balanced rhetoric paper, nor has an attempt been made at a scientifically discussion of Co-operation of Communism. It is not even proposed to discuss the practicability of either one of these except as it may call for comment incidentally. Al...Cooperation - Utah; Utah - History1905
61 Cox, JeanA study of the development and history of projects in homemaking with special reference to methods, attitudes, values, and purposesThe facilities afforded by the home economics department of the average high school are inadequate for the best training in homemaking activities and in establishing ideals. The department work is not closely enough related to either the needs of the girl or to actual home conditions. Thoughtful t...Home economics1922
62 Poulson, Frank G.A study in the training of teachers to evaluate language compositions objectivelyIn this study the word language is used in the sense of its being the means of communicating one's thoughts to others through the media of oral and written expression.Grading and marking (Students); English language - Composition and exercises1930-06
63 Noall, Matthew F.Some of the factors which influence teachers' salaries in the state of UtahAs there is very little information available to the district school superintendents concerning the salary and qualifications of teachers throughout the State, upon the suggestion of Professor LeRoy E. Cowles, of the Department of Education of the University of Utah the Council felt that a study fur...Teachers - Salaries, etc. - Utah1925-06
64 Bernhardt, Paul C.Effects of Prior Demonstrations of Polygraph Accuracy on Outcomes of Probable-Lie and Directed-Lie Polygraph TestsIn field polygraph administrations, operators typically use a so-called demonstration test to demonstrate to the examinee the accuracy of the polygraph in identifying truthful and deceptive responses. The purpose of this feedback is to increase the participant's physiological reactivity to the test ...Lie detectors and detection--Case studies2005-12
65 Frazee, Jennifer M.Functional Assessment and Group-Oriented Reinforcement Contingencies to Reduce Problem Behaviors of Students with Intellectual DisabilitiesStudents with intellectual disabilities may, at times, have difficulty being successful in a class-wide behavior management system. They may need a more specific system of rewards. Using a functional assessment in conjunction with group reinforcement contingencies may be helpful in determining appro...Learning disabled children--Education--Research--United States; Children with mental disabilities--Education; Behavior disorders in children--Treatment; Reinforcement (Psychology); Behavioral assessment of children2002-05
66 Valles, Brenda GuadalupeEducational impacts of discipline policies on Chicano students in Utah: a mixed-method critical race theory and latcrit analysisFor many years public school discipline policies have been critiqued for their disproportionate racial/ethnic distribution. This study examines zero tolerance discipline policies including suspensions, expulsions, and related practices in two Utah school districts. This research expands on previous ...Chicano Education; Critical Race Theory; LatCrit; Mixed-Method; School-to-prison Pipeline; Zero-Tolerance2015
67 Stryker, Donald LA schools and staffing survey analysis of teacher job attitudes and working conditions in native american communitiesThe United States federal government funds two distinct types of school systems on or near indigenous lands: tribally controlled schools and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)-operated schools. This study fills a void in the scholarly research on differences in teacher working conditions and job attit...Bureau of Indian Education; Native American Alaskan Native; Organizational commitment; Schools and Staffing Survey; Teacher job satisfaction; Teacher pay satisfaction2016
68 Roemer, Ann E.Veiled incivilities: international students and campus/classroom climate at predominantly white universitiesThis dissertation adds to the literature on campus climate in higher education in the United States, by 1) focusing on international students, especially those from China and Saudi Arabia, and their perceptions of the classroom climate as the racialized Other, in particular, their feelings of being ...campus climate; classroom climate; discrimination; international students; linguoracism; whiteness2016
69 Searle, Kristin Anne"That's my experience": negotiating what it means to be "Indian" in a school counseling programSchooling for American Indians developed differently than it did for other groups in the United States. This difference is largely the result of the unique relationship between American Indians and the U.S. government and the ways in which government policies and practices were carried out. Thus, ...American Indian; education; school counseling2016
70 Wilkinson, AngelaThe woman superintendent: eliciting narratives of female superintendents in UtahThe public school superintendency has been a professional field that has been dominated by men. Although statistics surrounding gender and the superintendency are changing, progress has been modest. This necessitated that I elicit stories from female superintendents because their experiences are l...Education; Leadership; Superintendent; Utah2016
71 Mcdonald, Lori K."You have no life other than that, so you better like what you're doing": a feminist phenomenology of women in undergraduate engineering majorsThe purpose of this study was to describe the perceptions and experiences of female undergraduate engineering students who either switched their majors or stayed in engineering to graduate. Historically women are underrepresented in undergraduate engineering majors despite deliberate recruitment an...engineering; undergraduate; women2016
72 Hudson, Michelle AlissaUsing essays to evaluate learning and comparing human scoring of essays to computer scoring systemsPrior research conducted by Butcher, Davies, and Cook (2015, in preparation) demonstrated that using concept maps to search within the online scientific database from the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) decreases cognitive effort over more common keyword-based searches; our purpose was to de...Coh-Metrix; Essays; Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA); National Science Digital Library (NSDL); Online Learning2016
73 Kessel, Barbara F.Persisting from the margins: the journeys of three women of color to and in higher educationGrounded in poststructural feminist theory and feminist race theories, this qualitative study explores the education trajectories of three Women of Color for insights into their persistence to and in higher education. Specifically, through narrative analysis of the participants' authoring and re-aut...Education; Feminist Theory; Higher Education; Narrative Research; Postsecondary Education; Race2016
74 Kelly, Alexandra ReginaImpact of adverse clinical training experiences on the career development of medical and psychology studentsClinical training is an integral part of medical and health service psychology education. These experiences offer valuable opportunities for students to develop applied skills and evaluate their interest in various specialty and practice areas; however, the power differential between trainees and su...adverse training experiences; career development; clinical training; medical education; psychology education2016
75 Lopach, Laura C.The electronic daily school note: a study examining an evidence-based school intervention package for improving on-task behavior, academics, and home-school collaborationThe efficacy of home notes has been extensively documented across decades of research for improving classroom behavior, academic skills, and home-school communication. However, when used in traditional paper form, home notes may be forged, lost, or destroyed. More recently, there has been increased ...2016
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