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51 Three essays in applied international macroeconomics: causes of growth and stagnation in the 19th Century United States2012-12Text
52 Three essays on country risk, productivity, and outward direct investment from developing economies2016Text
53 Three essays on distribution and economic expansion of a dual economy2012-05Text
54 Three essays on economic behavior of business in the u.s. sports industry2016Text
55 Three essays on finance and economic development2013-12Text
56 Three essays on income distribution in the U.S. economy2017Text
57 Three essays on institutionalism and economic development2014-12Text
58 Three essays on post-keynesian models of effective demand and income distribution2017Text
59 Three essays on the role of history and the theory of long-run growth2012-05Text
60 Three essays on the social context of wealth accumulation and racial wealth inequality in the U.S.2016Text
61 Three essays on United States trade unions2011-12Text
62 Two essays on the role of nonbank financial institutions and firms in the monetary transmission mechanisms2015-08Text
63 The U.S. employment service as a two-sided platform and the role of subsidies in employer and job seeker participation2016Text
64 The under-reporting of injuries for Hispanic workers in construction2013-08Text
65 Water consumption and economic growth in Jordan: an input-output analysis1994-08Text
66 Why do some firms pay more than the market wage rate? A case study with longitudinal data2011-08Text
51 - 75 of 66